GIANT SQUID Announce Indefinite Hiatus

California’s aquatic-themed sludge purveyors Giant Squid have announced that they will be going on an indefinite hiatus. Guitarist and vocalist Aaron Gregory stated that there are no new plans to write another album or play any new shows at this time, but feels there is more to be said by the band in the future. Gregory mentioned new musical projects, vinyl re-releases and other special releases and merchandise to keep the band alive. The entire statement can be read after the break.

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DIE CHOKING Stream New Album “III”

Die Choking are fucking amazing. These hardcore heavyhitting heroes crush and smash all and they will decimate you. With that now said, you can get super pumped that the band will release their new album III on Thursday and you can hear it in full right now. Check out the full stream of Die Choking‘s latest, and magnum opus III below. CRUSH.      Continue reading

THE HELL Stream New Track “I’ve Got Loads Of Money”

the hell you dickThe Hell are a band that a lot of people write off because they come off as obnoxious. They are super obnoxious, but I really dig their music, I find them humorous. The band has released a lyric video for their new track “I’ve Got Loads Of Money,” which is funny. The Hell will tell you about all the loot they have and how much better they are than you. Believe that. Check out the track below.     Continue reading

EXTREME NOISE TERROR Stream New Track “Punk Rock Patrol”

ent endBack in 2011 Extreme Noise Terror lost vocalist Phil Vane and there hasn’t been a lot of news coming out that camp since. The band hasn’t released a full-length since 2008, but the band started making waves in 2015. Earlier this year the band released a 7″ lathe cut vinyl and now the band is prepping the release of their self-titled full-length. The band has unveiled their new track “Punk Rock Patrol,” which you can hear below. Stream away, grinders.     Continue reading

KOWLOON WALLED CITY Stream New Album “Grievances”

KWC - GrievancesSlow-and-steady craftsmen Kowloon Walled City always end up releasing some of my favorite albums of the year. I mean, these dudes are magical and their music is so fucking good. This is clearly evident on the bands most recent effort Grievances, which you can stream right now if you’re in the mood for awesome. Click on over and stream this bad boy after the jump.     Continue reading

TURBID NORTH Stream New Track “Eyes Alive”

Deathgroovers Turbid North will release their new album Eyes Alive in November, but the band aren’t gonna let you just sit on that information. No, sir. They have let loose some information about the album. You can check out the track listing for Eyes Alive after the jump and you can also stream the albums title track! This track is super fucking rad and you’ll dig it. Check it.     Continue reading

REVENGE Stream New Track “Silent Enemy”

Canadian blackened filthmongers Revenge are right at the top of my most wanted list. The band will release Behold.Total.Rejection in November and I am sooo pumped. The band has already released one new track and they have now given us another. This sickening jaunt is titled “Silent Enemy” and it is fucking rad. Stream it below. Revenge is a dish best served through headphones at full blast.      Continue reading

BORN OF OSIRIS Streaming New Track “Goddess Of The Dawn”

Born Of Osiris will release their new album Soul Sphere at the end of the month. There is still plenty of time for those of you who are sleeping on this band or this album to turn around and take notice. Take the bands new track “Goddess Of The Dawn.” It’s an amazingly heavy new track that absolutely kills. You can check that song out below and get a nice dose of Soul Sphere. Check it.      Continue reading

LIFERUINER Release Music Video For “Day Walker”

liferuinerCanada’s Liferuiner will soon be releasing their new EP N O M A D S and the band has released a music video for a new track. The track is titled “Day Walker” and the video is weird, but cool. I’ve been digging Liferuiner for a bit now and I’m stoked to hear N O M A D S. Check out the video below and see if you’re digging it.     Continue reading

KUBLAI KHAN Streaming New Track “Life For A Life,” BURY YOUR DEAD Vocalist Guests

Kublai Khan are a band that I found out about at the exact same time I learned about Vanna. I got the same vibe off of the former band and I really enjoyed their music. The band is currently promoting their new album New Strength, which will be released next month. Kublai Khan are currently streaming their new track “Life For A Life” which features guest vocals by Bury Your Dead‘s Mat Bruso. Check out the track below. Sickkk.       Continue reading

BELPHEGOR Release Music Video For “Black Winged Torment”

belphegorBlackened death metal outfit Belphegor released their latest album Conjuring The Dead last year and the band has now followed it with a new music video. The video is for their song “Black Winged Torment” and it has a NSFW tag on it, so be careful where you watch it. It’s a pretty cool video, but a certain segment of it was very cheesy (see vocalist in front of graphics), but I dig it. Check out the video below.      Continue reading

ARKAIK Stream New Track “That Which Lies Hidden”

Arkaik are amping people up for the release of their amazing new record Lucid Dawn and they have just unleashed a new track that crushes. The band is currently streaming “That Which Lies Hidden,” which is a beast of a mother of a track. I have been looking forward to Lucid Dawn for a while now and it is shaping up to be as good as I wanted it to be. Check out the new track below.     Continue reading

Premiere: MERCY TIES “Analysis Of A Smile” Music Video

mercy tiesBack in December of 2013 I premiered a track for a band that, at the time, was new to me.  The band is a vicious hardcore act out of Seattle and they were prepping the release of their album A Dim Lit Place. That band is Mercy Ties, who I love and now they are promoting their upcoming album Proper Corruption. You can pre-order the new album here, but that’s not all I want to tell you. Because I love you folks, I am happy to premiere Mercy Ties new music video for their song “Analysis Of A Smile”! This song kills and the video is rad. Check it out below!     Continue reading

BIRDS IN ROW Streaming New Track “O’Dear”

Birds In Row (Deathwish Inc.) premiere panicked love song on “O’Dear” (exclusive)

French hardcore outfit Birds In Row have premiered a new track from their upcoming EP, Personal War, at Alternative Press. The new track is titled “O’Dear” and it barrels forth with driving, melodic hardcore that is as blistering as it is emotive. Stream the three-minute stunner at this location.

Personal War will be released on October 30 via Deathwish, Inc. Pre-order here.

Additionally, the band will be releasing a split 7″ with WAITC on October 30. That release can be picked up here.