KING GIANT Release Lyric Video For “Red Skies”

blackoceanwavesKing Giant will release their new album Black Ocean Waves in June and the band has released a lyric video for their new track “Red Skies.” I really love this track, first off. Secondly, the lyric video is strange, not really what I expect to see in 2015, but whatayagonnado? You can check out the video after the jump and see if you dig the track as much as I do. Enjoy.     Continue reading

WISDOM IN CHAINS Streaming New Track “Violent Americans”

Hardcore act Wisdom In Chains have unveiled a new track titled “Violent Americans.” This track comes off of the bands pending release The God Rhythm and, as my first taste of the new record, it has me excited for the remainder of the album. Wisdom In Chains has always been hit or miss with me, but this sounds incredible. I can’t wait to hear more. Check out “Violent Americans” below.     Continue reading

GRUESOME Release NSFW Music Video For “Savage Land”

Now, I am not a fan of music videos that simply take clips from old, b-movies and interlace it to fit their needs. That being said, I do love Gruesome and I have a soft spot for cheat cannibal films, so the bands new video for the title track off of their new album sits perfectly with me. In some aspects, it goes against what I prefer in music videos, but in others it is pretty rad.

The video compiles clips from the 1980s cannibal horror films Eaten Alive! and Cannibal Apocalypse, both of which are gory, vicious and unwavering. You can check out Gruesome‘s very NSFW video after the jump. If you haven’t, be sure to pick up Savage Land, out now on Relapse Records.    Continue reading

FUCK THE FACTS Streaming New Track “Nukestalgia”

So, how many of you have been anxiously awaiting the new Fuck The Facts/Fistfuck split? Ok, cool. Not just me. Of course it wasn’t just me. Both of these bands are fucking (no pun intended) brutal and this is destined to be one of the sickest splits of the year. My good friends in Fuck The Facts have released their second track from the split titled “Nukestalgia”and you can hear it right now after the jump. Go forth and stream the filth. It will blow you away.     Continue reading

ABYSSAL Streaming New Track “I Am The Alpha And The Omega”

US blackened death metal act Abyssal might provide us with the heaviest thing you will hear all day. Sickeningly heavy. The band are prepping the release of their new album Antikatastaseis and they have unloaded a beast today titled “I Am The Alpha And The Omega,” which you can currently hear after the jump. Definitely not for the feint of heart. This track is some serious business. Get blackened after the jump now.      Continue reading

INVISIBLE THINGS Streaming New Track “Rockets”

How do you like your noise rock? Loud? Noisy (duh!)? Fierce and odd? Well, Invisible Things might be the band of your dreams. The band is comprised of members of US Maple and Parts & Labor and their brand of noise rock is something special. It’s heavy and it’s vicious and it sounds like someone put Lightning Bolt and Today Is The Day in a box and let them fight it out. This is the unholy sound that would rise from out of the box. Check out “Rockets” from Invisible Things new record Time As One Axis.     Continue reading

SONS OF HUNS Streaming New Track “An Evil Unseen,” WINO Guests

Sons Of Huns, a band that ALMOST made my Best Of list in 2013, has made it’s come back in 2015 with their new song “An Evil Unseen.” The track is the first off of the bands upcoming album While Sleeping Stay Awake, which has a late July release date. The interesting thing about this track is that St. Vitus vocalist and solo artist Scott “Wino” Weinrich provides guest vocals on the track. As a huuuge fan of Wino and Vitus, this only made me want to hear “An Evil Unseen” even more. You can check out the track for yourself after the jump.     Continue reading

Review: WOLFNOTE – “Wolfnote” EP

cd694-wolf2bcover2bwebI am one of those people who always crave something new and interesting. This is most definitely reprensented in the music I listen to. At the end of every year I clear out a large amount of my iPod to make room for new music, something intriguing that I haven’t heard before. Well, this year I have experienced one of my favorite records of the year and it consists of only three songs. The band is Wolfnote and they consist of two members of Harm’s Way. However, if you go into this EP think you’re going to experience Harm’s Way-style hardcore, you may be disappointed. If you go into it with an open mind, I think you will be happily surprised.       Continue reading

ANTIGAMA Release Trailer For New Album “The Insolent”

Vicious horde Antigama are plotting the release of their new album The Insolent and they have revealed a short video teaser for the album. This video doesn’t give us much to go on whatsoever, but it’s still a prospect that new Antigama is coming. You can check out the teaser below and see if it pumps you up as much as it does me. I cannot wait. Enjoy.     Continue reading