Leave The Pig Squeals on The Farm

Okay, Deathcore is a much looked down upon subgenre of music. There are many reasons why. A few would be that “real” Death Metal musicians and fans don’t like the fusion of Metalcore and Death Metal (vicious growls and break downs). Break downs, I can deal with that. I went through a Metalcore phase, and there are even some Metalcore bands I listen to to this day. But the main reason I have a problem with (some) Deathcore is the inhaled vocals (versus exhaled vocals of “real” Death Metal) and the annoying-as-FUCK pig squeals. “Ree-ree-urrrrgh-breee!” gets on my fucking nerves. The reason I don’t like the inhaled growling vocals is, well, basically they are easier to achieve and thus less strenuous on these kids “precious” throats. They also allow you to get a much more guttural sound with ease. As opposed to WORKING WITH YOUR VOICE and LEARNING HOW TO FUCKING GROWL. I bring this up because, as I was listening to Pandora Radio (Cattle Decapitation radio to be specific) on came Oceano. Oceano are a rip-roaring Deathcore band from Chi Town. They have released one album through Earache Records with another dropping in November. Thus far, Oceano seem to have a pretty steady fanbase. And I am sure that these kids are enjoying the hell out of listening to this band in their bedroom through headphones so that their mom’s can’t hear it, but I cannot get interested in this band. The song that came on Pandora (“A Mandatory Sacrifice”) was steady pig squeals for the first 1:06 (which is about how far I made it into the song before hitting the “NEXT” button). Don’t get me wrong, I wish these kids the best of luck. Too many bands break up before they find that “perfect” sound they are looking for. Good luck and Godspeed, Oceano. I am not a Deathcore hater. I just have issues with some bands.

Oceano Myspace

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