Not So Nu-Metal.

Today’s bullshit rambling:

This morning, I was taken back to my early teens. I stood at my work place with Pandora radio on, and on comes Disturbed’s “Shout 2000,” which I hadn’t heard or thought about for years. Next song on Pandora was System of a Down’s “Deer Dance” and then Korn’s “ADIDAS.” Why did this affect me so? Because these are three of the bands that brought me into the world of heavy music. It was from there that I began to explore more extreme types of metal. I started looking into the bands that influenced Jonathan Davis and Corey Taylor, and what I found was heavier than anything I could imagine (I was 12) and I kept going further and further until one day I came across something that would change my life: Ace Ventura. That move introduced me to Cannibal Corpse and I will forever be grateful to Jim Carrey. So, I know that these bands are pretty much sell-outs now. And, like I said, some of this shit I haven’t heard in years, but it was nice to go back and remember what got you where you are today.

Oh yeah, and then a Slipknot song off of their last album came on and ruined my fucking mood.

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