Bring Me The Horizon Kill Slipknot (song)

Okay, not literally, but emotionally, they killed the song “Eyeless” off of Slipknot’s debut album, Slipknot. Now, seeing as I utterly despise BMTH, it is not hard to believe that I am just now hearing this track off of BMTH’s (also) debut album Count Your Blessings. I can’t say I am really surprised by the fact that they covered (or should I say butchered) a Slipknot song, but it brings to mind the question of “Why?” With so many scene bands out there putting out horrible music, couldn’t Good Ole’ Olli pick a song that better suit the band instead of one that came of of, at least to me, an album that served as the gateway to Nu-Metal. I remember listening to Slipknot in Spanish class every day for a year. I loved that album. To this day, it is my favorite Slip’ album (although I stopped listening half-way through Vol. 3). So again I ask, why are these new, trendy, skinny jeans wearing bands ATTEMPTING to cover songs from the good old days? Suicide Silence’s “Engine No. 9”? Okay, that sucked, but I dealt with it. When they covered “Them Bones,” that was the final straw. I have never been a big fan of Suicide Silence either, so it wasn’t hard to be turned off by these abominations. Now BMTH kills a Slipknot song and I know this won’t be the end of it. Have you heard any more scene bands covering classic or at least decent songs from back in the dizay? e-mail me and let me know. Here is BMTH’s cover of “Eyeless” via Youtube.

No scene kids were hurt in the typing of this post.

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