Exclusive: Roskva (Lightning Swords of Death) Interview

Tell me a little about how the band came together.

I relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles in 1997, searching for ruthless and devoted people who had the hunger for black/death metal. By 2005 Autarch, Menno and I had created a Luciferian bond. Our practice led us on a path of progress and evolution which brought us to M.Vega, making the pact complete.

How did the band’s name come to be?
It was inspired by a concept that refers to an occult paradigm, the olipothic path of the lightning sword… a path through hell.

Tell me a little about the band’s latest album, “The Extra Dimensional Wound.”
The Extra Dimensional Wound defines a psychic anguish in the complexity of how we perceive our existence. A disfigured force that evolves through different methods, one being ritual magic.

Tell me how you would describe the band’s sound.
Punishing black/death metal with passages of doom. Entering a ritual war ending with no signs of life.

What are some personal influences? Musical or otherwise.
Richard Wagner and Bela Bartok, two composers who could capture the tragedy of life through sound in a triumphant way. The practice of occult science and altered states are always a constant influence.

What is the best show you’ve seen or played?
When we performed with Immortal, it was amazing. The crowed was possessed the whole night and I’m sure for a few days after that!

What do you think of the current black metal scene?
We are fucking heretics! …And don’t care for any scene. We are part of something pre-destined, fueled by an ancient strength.

Any newer bands that you enjoy or would like to have on a bill with Lightning Swords of Death?
Valdur, who live in the Sierras of CA. They are practically cut off from all forms of communication. It reflects their live show and sound …It’s fucking sick!  Diocletian, Neutron Hammer and Harassor are brilliant as well. I would like to share the stage again with Manilla Road and Morbid Angel in the future.

What is in store for the band in 2011?
Touring in March 2011 with Master and possibly with Vital Remains in May 2011. Currently working on the next offering.

Be sure to pick up LSOD’s The Extra Dimensional Wound out now on Metal Blade Records (Click the album cover to enter Metal Blade’s store.) and be sure to catch them on the road in a few months!

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