Review: Baptists – “Baptists”

“Good Parenting” begins with a feedback and distortion in such an amazing way. Automatically I am reminded of bands like New Lows and Trap Them with some heavy grind elements mixed in the batch. The vocals are frantic and harsh screams that fit so perfectly. The riffing is absolutely hypnotizing. Melodic lead lines and fabulous chugging. This track will definitely induce head banging, that is a guarantee. Clocking in at 2:20, I can say I already love this band.

“Farmed” opens with a full on nasty aggression. Grinding fury right out of the box sends this track into a frenzy. The punishing and complex drumming sounds amazing. The riffing is absolutely extraordinary. The vocalist definitely draws influence from the old school hardcore and punk scene and he pulls it off flawlessly. This track is a filthy, crusty grinding monster and I believe I am falling in love.

“Bachelor Degree Burn” opens with a very sick chugging fiesta. Slowly the rest of the band comes in and the track takes off. Moving at a slower pace than the previous tracks does not take away from this albums impact whatsoever. This track is as punishing as anything before it and I am loving it. A nice melodic groove is set by the steady drums and chugging guitars. The vocals remain the throat-scraping screams from the previous tracks and it fits perfectly in the mix of this filthy track. This track has short sections of pure melody that I am loving. Aside from the melodic parts, this track seems to invoke a strange sense of melancholy. An absolutely amazing track. Love it. Love it.

“Life Poser” opens with an extremely melodic riff that seems a little odd at first. But when the band comes in, it takes its grinding stance. The riff is still pretty odd, but I am still digging it. The drums are amazing, technical and powerful. The vocals are vicious as ever and all around this song is pretty amazing. There are some distorted yelling vocals that come around every so often. Around 2:07 the band reminds me of Rotten Sound and I fall even more in love with them. This is a very talented band that I can see going very far very soon. I can’t wait to hear more from Baptist in the future. Amazing band and amazing album!

Rating: 10/10
For fans of: Trap Them, Rotten Sound, New Lows
Favorite track: “Bachelor Degree Burn”

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