The Ties That Grind…

Hello fellow Grinders. With the recent surge of amazing grindcore albums dropping this year such as Rotten Sound, Noisear and Wormrot (as well as many, many more), I have to also give props to the up-and-coming underground grind bands from all over the world. Every week I will be posting a few grind bands that I believe should be checked out. Lets start this off with…

The Drip are a Washingtonian grind band with a shitload of raw talent. Their music is epically brutal and fast. Arif Rot (Vocals for Wormrot) turned me on to this band. I think they are killer and I think you will too.

I discovered RapeWhistle while searching the “grindcore” tag on BandCamp. At first, based on the name, I was pretty leery about the band, but after listening to the album, I learned that they are a very old school grind/punk influenced band and they pull off their sound extremely well. Check them out. Their album, Ear Violation can be downloaded for free from their BandCamp page.

I don’t know very much about this band. They, much like RapeWhistle, were discovered by me searching BandCamp. These guys have a touch of old school crust and grind influenced thrown in with very technical riffing and extremely chunky bass lines. This band is, unfortunately, nowhere near a household name just yet, I can see them going very far.

Be sure to check back next week with another installment of The Ties That Grind. If you have any suggestions of underground grindcore acts, shoot me an e-mail and I will be sure to check them out and possibly even include them on the next TTTG.


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