A Short Essay on Grindcore

Grindcore, as a genre, has always been a very underground style of music. I was not even born when the idea of grindcore came about. And since then, nearly thirty years later, the genre is still pushing out amazing bands. True, the forefathers in Napalm Death, Brutal Truth and Nasum still reign supreme in grindcore, but none the less, budding bands from all over the world are experimenting and producing amazingly good extreme music.

Rotten Sound

From Great Britain to the United States and all the way to Singapore, bands have made a name for themselves by producing loud, fast and chaotic music. Bands such as Rotten Sound from Finland have made their way into the hearts and headphones of people across the globe. Rotten Sound, who have often been compared to grind fore runners Nasum, absolutely pulverize with their brand of crust-punk driven grindcore.

Wormrot Live

Other bands lie Wormrot from Singapore, became and overnight sensation when Earache Records label head Digby Pearson discovered them on a grindcore compilation along with bands such as Kill The Client, Magrudergrind and Noisear. Since the band’s signing, and even before, Wormrot’s chaotic grinding fury has become a standard for grindcore enthusiasts. Vocalist Arif Rot, whom I had a chance to interview a while back, has an amazing vocal range not only for grindcore, but for any type of extreme music. The band is very versatile and therefore have become one of my favorites in the genre.

Mel & Topon of Fuck The Facts

Aside from the straight-up thunderous sound that grindcore has been known for, other grind bands began experimenting and thus we have bands like Fuck The Facts. Fuck The Facts play a terrifyingly aggressive brand of grindcore and mix in a lot of dark elements and tend to have typically longer tracks than a lot of grind bands who find the “micro song” method to work extremely well for them. Fuck The Facts guitarist, whom I have befriended in the last few months, has answered a lot of grindcore related questions and he had this to say about how grindcore was today compared to twenty or so years ago.

“The grindcore template was created a long time ago and those bands that started it had the good chance of being there and giving it all the characteristics of what grindcore would be. Like Napalm Death and early Carcass are both very influential grindcore bands. Over the years there have been a lot of different bands that have added their own twist to the grindcore template and some of these bands have had great success, so much to the point that we have all these sub-genres and the term being used pretty wide spread to sell a lot of bands.”

Bastards Live

Aside from bands that have achieved being signed to a label, there are 1,000,000 more out there that don’t and may never get the recognition they deserve. In my The Ties That Grind… column, I try and introduce my readers to a few new grindcore bands every week. A lot of the bands I have come across truly deserve recognition. Some of the under-underground bands that I have come to enjoy in the last few months are Bastards, ZaSKaE, Hivesmasher and The Drip. All of these bands are fantastic at producing mind blowing grind. I really hope that some day someone will pick these bands up and give them what they deserve.

I leave you with the following, regardless of what style of metal you are into, there will always be a newer, faster and heavier band. That said, you should never forget who set the world on fire with said style of music in the first place. This year, we will get an amazing amount of new grindcore albums including Rotten Sound, Wormrot, Brutal Truth, Cretin, Total Fucking Destruction, Fuck The Facts, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Pig Destroyer and rumored releases from Napalm Death and Afgrund. The list goes on and on. I believe that 2010 and 2011 were and will be some of the best years for grind in a while. In grind we crust.

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