New Dopethrone Tunes To Make Your Day Blue & Doomy

I’ve been into Dopethrone for quite some time now. I found them on MySpace a while back and I loved their cryptic, haunting, bluesy doom metal. I’ve been a friend with vocalist Vincent Houde on Facebook for a while as well and he recently sent me links to a few new Dopethrone tracks. I’ve listen to these tracks quite a few times and I’m digging it. If you like your doom to have tinges of sludge and blues rock that can somewhat be compared to bands like Thou and Salome, you should check out Dopethrone.

Here are the first two tracks off of Dopethrone’s forthcoming Dark Foil, “Dark Foil” and “Tap Runner.”

If you haven’t noticed from the videos, the album will be available on Friday, May 13th. I will keep you updated as to where you can order the album.

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3 thoughts on “New Dopethrone Tunes To Make Your Day Blue & Doomy”

  1. I’m also digging this. Not even the biggest fan of Electric Wizard but these riffs really hit the spot!

  2. Glad you guys dig it. New album comes out Friday! When it drops, I’ll let you know how you can come across it.

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