Todays Jam: Disgorge

Disgorge are a band that has been around for quite some time and they are pretty big in the underground death metal scene. There are a lot of older death metal bands that bore me. It seems they tend to sound the same after a while. This song, however has been one that I have enjoyed for quite a while. Not sure why, it just reaches me in that brutal, blasting, in your face death metal fashion. This is from Disgorge’s first demo “Cognitive Lust of Mutilation” from 1992 and really makes me think of what Cannibal Corpse was doing around the same time. Killer.

Your thoughts on Disgorge?

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2 comments on “Todays Jam: Disgorge

  1. Disgorge are cool, problem is there are something like over 5 of them in the death metal scene, so hard to follow which one is which. Best disgorge probs the one from the Netherlands grindful death metal.

    • I wasn’t thinking about there being more than one. Haha. Yeah, this is the US one. I will check out the one you’re talking about, though. Thanks, Alex!

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