Grinding Aftermath Official Teaser

I announced a few weeks ago that I was putting out a grindcore compilation. Well that idea actually blew up when I started working with my fellow journo Alex over at Grind To Death. Alex has put together his own list of amazing grind/powerviolence bands from all over the world and we ensure you that this release will be one of epic proportions. Every band on this compilation has something different to offer the world of grind. This compilation will feature signed and unsigned bands from all over the world and it will be released on June 14th. The cover artwork was done by professional artist Guger and the compilation will be split between American Aftermath and Grind To Death. So if you want the full package, you’ll have to visit both sites and dowload our different volumes. Brace yourself. There will be grind. Aftet the jump you can see the high resolution version of the cover art.


2 comments on “Grinding Aftermath Official Teaser

  1. This comp is going to be insanely good I have even more killer bands to add to the mix! Will post the announcement for it tomorrow on my site. Thanks again for bringing me onboard!

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