Texas has birth many metal bands in the past including a few black metal bands that I am quite fond of (Averse Sefira and Absu). Recently, I caught wind of The Unmothered, a crushing black metal band from Austin who tinge their music with elements of southern doom, from a friend at Catharis PR. These guys are pretty epic. That is for sure. Very well executed instrumentation and raw, harsh vocals make up the band’s sound. The band has only been around since late 2010 and member Matt Walker was previously in Lions of Tsavo. With only a few shows under their belt under the Unmothered moniker, Matt Walker and Daniel Curry already have the release of a full-length and US touring plans in their sights. These guys pull in musical inspiration from all across the metal spectrum, touching on genres such as stoner metal and doom as well as black metal. It’s undeniably extraordinary. Below I have streamed a track from The Unmothered’s Bandcamp page where you can stream the bands entire self-titled EP and download it for free. That’s right. Free. Go do it if you like what you hear. Peace out. Also, follow The Unmothered on Facebook.

~R. Gnarly

Hails to Catharis PR for the tip! “Grim” Kim Kelly FTW!

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