At Which I Was Confused About THE HAARP MACHINE…

Apparently Sumerian Records have signed a band known as The HAARP Machine. This band seems like your standard Black Dahlia Murder rip-off band if you added breakdowns, shitty singing and middle-Eastern instruments. Well, it’s not the fact that Sumerian signed this band that confused me. This band has a lot of qualities in common with a lot of Sumeriancore bands nowadays, so that part didn’t surprise me. Ash sees money in a band, he’ll sign ’em. Actually this band is a lot better than most Sumeriancore bands I’ve actually listened to. Still not my cup of tea, but not terrible.

Anyway, the part that confused me was this band’s name. You see, there is a sludgy doom band from NOLA that I am quite fond of known as haarp and I, for some reason only saw the names “HAARP” and “SUMERIAN RECORDS.” So yeah, confusion set in. But, as it turns out, The boys in haarp have not signed to Sumerian Records and are still involved with Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Records. Glad I got that cleared up. After the jump, you can compare both bands (haarp and The HAARP Machine) and bitch about which one is better!

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

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