Morning Jams: Doom & Gloom

I chose to dedicate today’s playlist to dark, crushing, dooming bands. All of these bands produce misanthropic, thundering tunes and all of theme execute their music in a different fashion. I have loved some of these bands for quite some time while others are new to me. Doom metal is something that I have been fond of for quite some time. In the dark times of my life, this music served a big part. Something about how slow and devastating the music is, it just made me feel something. It was like, no matter how bad shit was around me, there was a lot worse shit in the world. I know that sounds like some pussy bullshit, but it’s real. I hope you enjoy this evil playlist because I know I will. Enjoy.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Doom & Gloom playlist!

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