I’m Addicted to BRUTAL TRUTH

Holy shit! I wasn’t even aware that Brutal Truth were streaming a new track until just now. This new track, “Addicted” comes off of the bands forthcoming release End Time and it is a monstrous grinding beauty. It’s a masterpiece of modern grindcore and I’m in love with it. I cannot wait to hear this new album when it drops in September, but if you’re too anxious to wait until then, you can hear the first title track off of the album here and then head over to Noisecreep and listen to “Addicted.” Go do it. NOW. It’s a beast. Bring on the End, motherfuckers!

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Review: XHAROLDSHITMANX – “Driven By Complete And Utter Disgust”

By: Ross Gnarly

xHaroldShitmanx are a powerviolence band from Scotland that was introduced to me by my buddy Alex over at Grind to Death. These guys are putting out killer fucking grindviolence that totally blows my mind. Aggressive, fast and brutal is the style they boast and they do it extremely well. It’s quite obvious why these dudes got picked up by Grindcore Karaoke, their style is fucking raw and vicious. From the opening sample on “Perfect Center Powerviolence” I knew that I was in for a treat. This track contains lightning quick musicianship with a seriously pissed off attitude. “America’s Next Top Sperm Bucket” contains one of my favorite samples ever. It’s from Mean Girls and I laugh my ass off every time I replay the song. The song itself is a vicious beast that makes me think of xBrainiax. I love that these dudes get in, fuck shit up and call it a day with their songs. “My Husband and Child are Dead” has a bit of a mathcore vibe to it from time to time. Not straight up, but it’s present. It has a really odd sound, but I fucking love it. The final track on the EP is “False Hardcore Creates Rapists” which is a fucking killer title. This track is as ferocious as any of the other tracks but with a much thicker, chunkier bass line. It’s a beautiful thing. Love it. These dudes are sick. Go check ‘em out and download this album for FREE!

Rating: 5/5
For fans of: xBrainiax, ACxDC
Favorite track: “America’s Next Top Sperm Bucket”

LAST CHANCE TO REASON Complete Upload of New Video

Last Chance To Reason, the progressive metal outfit who created their own video game to go along with their album Level 2, have recently released a video for the track “Upload Complete.” The video flashes between the band playing live in a dark room and a kid playing his way through the video game. I really dig this song, I have for a while. This band caught my attention right off and I still listen to the album from time to time. The video is pretty cool. These dudes are sure putting their own spin on the heavy music community. Check out the video below and leave some feedback. You can purchase Level 2 from Prosthetic Records here or from iTunes here. Enjoy.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

BLOODSOAKED Streaming “The Death of Hope”

North Carolina’s one man death metal machine Bloodsoaked (who was featured in my last Got It Covered segment) recently released a new album titled The Death of Hope and the entire album is currently streaming on YouTube as one, long clip. I’m currently listening to it and I gotta say this is pretty killer. Metal Archives lists Bloodsoaked as a brutal death metal band, which they may have been in the past (I haven’t listened to them enough to know for sure) but now they seem like just a pretty straight up death metal. I’d say they are like Emeth in that sense. I never really saw Emeth as being brutal death metal either.

The only bad thing about this streaming album is that every so often the voice comes in and states “Bloodsoaked, The Death of Hope. Available now at ComatoseMusic.com.” So yeah, that kinda sucks, but it’s all good because the music is killer. Really has that vibe of early ‘90s death metal. It’s refreshing. Check out the stream after the jump, leave some feedback and enjoy the death metal.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.
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Yesterday was not as eventful as Tuesday here at American Aftermath. We did get some news up and running, but not as much as we would have liked. Today, however, will be different. Yesterday we checked out Dying Fetus covering Napalm Death, we checked out Mastodon’s new artwork and we learned that Jeroen Paul Thesseling left Obscura.

The other day I received my promo of the new All Pigs Must Die album God Is War and because of that I am going back and listening to the band’s self-titled EP just to get pumped up. I haven’t given God Is War a listen yet, but I plan on doing it later today and most likely I will jam it for a few days before I write my review of it. This morning’s playlist is dedicated to All Pigs Must Die. Check out my interview with Kevin Baker here.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

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