No Face Palm Needed: New PERIPHERY Track Is Sick

Today, as I was reading MetalSucks, I learned that Periphery has premiered a new track called “Face Palm Mute” live at a Sonisphere and a chap known as TsunamiPJamas was kind enough to to film the song with his (assumed) iPhone and upload it to YouTube. Thank you, TsunamiPJamas! This song is killer, and I cannot wait to hear it in a studio setting. As I talked about a while back, Periphery have really stepped up their game since their Self-Titled record. The band’s Icarus EP showed them growing tighter as a band and showed Spencer finding his right voice to fit the band’s sound (which I thought he was slightly lacking on Periphery). This new material should be epic! Stoked!

I have posted the video below (MetalSucks got it from The PRP) for you to check out. What do you think of this new track? Are you with me in your love of Periphery or do you think I suck for liking this band? Regardless, I don’t care because I am too busy jamming “Face Palm Mute.”

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

AOL is Grinding Out The New LOCK UP Album!

Happy day! As we speak,AOL is streaming the new Lock Up album Necropolis Transparent and as far as I’ve gotten into the album, the deathgrind masterminds have outdone themselves. This album is sure to be a contender for year end lists all over the world. I know I have been anticipating it for quite some time (here,here, and here). And now I finally get to listen to the album in full. So hurry on over to this page and stream Necropolis Transparent because it is only streaming this week! Do it!

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Who’s Ready To Get Celestial With New WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM?

I am! I am! I am! I absolutely love Wolves In The Throne Room and I have been anticipating new material like a follow-up to the Super Mario Bros movie that came out in the ’90s. Of course, one of these things will never see the light of day because critics thought it was the worst abomination to ever have cost 48 million dollars. Well, good thing that this post isn’t about Super Mario Bros, It’s about Wolves In The Fucking Throne Room. Straight from the press release:

For over six months the Weaver brothers, Aaron and Nathan, have been immersed in the painstaking writing and recording process of their newest album, and this week the process is nearly complete, at press time the album in its final mixing stages. The WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM clan have confirmed the title of this forthcoming astral black metal document as Celestial Lineage. [Continue Reading]

Prepare The Ground! YOB Are Coming!

Unfortunately they’re not coming my way. They are headed across the pond for a month of ravaging through Europe with labelmates Dark Castle. The tour kicks off in September and YOB’s new album comes out in August, so regardless, I will get to jam out some YOB. I can continue watching them as I have Mayhem all these years: through shaky YouTube clips. A video of YOB Preforming their new track “Prepare The Ground” has been posted and it’s pretty sick. I really makes me wish I could see them on this tour. Hopefully they’ll be hitting the American South soon enough. Check out the live video below and the European tour dates after the jump.

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Download a Live MASAKARI Set For Free!

If you are like me and have never witnessed the awesomeness that is Masakari, you can now download a live set from the band’s show at The Rocketship back in May on their tour with Ilsa (whose set you can also download). The quality of these recordings is fantastic. So, yeah, go and download this shit via Charred Resistors. This is straight from Charred Resistors (who recorded the set):

Masakari, Ilsa, D.O.C., and Callous live at the Rocketship 05/17/2011. Missed Callous and didn’t get to record D.O.C. Cops came at 8 pm and tried to bully the show, but it didn’t work at the show ended around 8:55, 5 minutes before “we can come back and arrest you for the noise violation.” Masakari is from Cleveland, and Cleveland is one of the greatest places on earth.

Morning Jams: Three-Way Split

Morning, fuckers! How are you feeling? Are you ready to start off your week? Well, I’m not. I’ve worked all weekend and I don’t get a day off until Wednesday. Even then I work on the site. So… Let’s check out what we talked about over the weekend:

On Friday we listened to Bloodsoaked’s new album, checked out Last Chance To Reason’s new video, I reviewed xHaroldShitmanx’s Driven By Complete and Utter Disgust and listened to an ”addictive” new Brutal Truth Track On Saturday I learned that Blood Red Throne are releasing a new album this year and I also listened to Iron Witch’s killer demo. Yesterday, as always we had our annual Black Metal Sunday which was, as it always is, started with my specially chose playlist. After that, we discussed the band Ära Krâ, watched a Taiwanese melo-black metal band’s new video, watched some live footage of Mayhem at Hellfest, Lane talked a little about new Deathspell Omega and off the subject of black metal, we learned what Coheed and Cambria’s bassist did. Well, as always, I will start you off with a brand new playlist. This playlist is a “three-way split” between Decrepitaph, Grave Miasma and Ravencult. Yay! Enjoy.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

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