Review: GROG – “Scooping The Cranial Insides”

By: Ross Gnarly

When it comes to goregrind nowadays, it is pretty much hit or miss. Most of the time, bands that were formed within the last five or six years who practice the art of goregrind are going to bore me. I’m not sure why, but I much more prefer Dead Infection and old Carcass. Of course, I am often proven wrong. When I was introduced to Grog I was not expecting to be as blown away as I was. These guys definitely work the goregrind aspect but they also border on a lot of straight up brutal death metal. Their music is fast and destructive and from the intro track “Toia Mai” I knew I was in for something interesting. “Toia Mai” is actually tribal chanting which slowly leads into what lies beyond. What lies beyond? Brutal aggression! The first actual track is “Beyond The Freakish Scene” and it is a punishing array of brutal grind. Technical riffing and complex, pulverizing drumming lead this album off the right way. The vocals are low, guttural growls that put a certain aspect of sheer terror into the music. Despite this being so brutal, there is still a lingering amount of melody hidden in this. Nice. Throughout the album there are amazing tracks with some unbelievably fantastic riffing. That is something I love about this band, songs like “Split 3 To Share,” “Hanged By The Cojones,” “Stream of Psychopathic Devourment” and “Anal Core” all have amazing, catchy guitar parts even though they are still grinding, furious death metal tracks, they still have catchiness and technicality to them. “Acephalus Meatgrind Orgy Hibernation” is perhaps one of my most favorite tracks on this album. It opens with a killer bass line and leads into a vicious grinding beast of a track. I hear a bit of Cannibal Corpse influence in this track, mostly in the guitar work. The drumming is absolutely stunning. It is fast and, as always, completely technical. The vocals are mixed between sharp, high pitched shrieks and the low, guttural gurgles. I mentioned that I loved the guitar work on a lot of these tracks, but I also love the insane drumming which is very prominent on tracks like “Acephalus Meatgrind Orgy Hibernation” and “Ravenous Loathing,” the latter of which is another one of my favorite tracks on the album for the simple fact that it is so aggressive and destructive. The final track on the album is called “10 Cummandments” and it sounds unlike anything heard previously on this album. It’s not as fast as the other tracks. It has a certain death/doom characteristic to it that I find strangely intriguing. The guitar work is nice and at times technical, but mostly remaining simple and catch. The drumming is steady but still complex and keeps a nice sturdy vibe to the track as it goes on. The fantastic line of guitar solos towards the end is amazing. The final, hidden song is a fast, pissed off punk-influenced weird grind track. There is a lot of odd vocals going on. It’s almost too much to comprehend. I am interested, but it’s giving off and odd vibe at the same time. I think there are too many different vocalists going off on the chorus. All in all it’s not a band track though. I really dig this album and I love these dudes. I really hope they make it to the states to tour someday. Grog, you have shown me that goregrind lives on. Thanks.

Rating: 8.5/10
For fans of: Sadistic Mutilation, Exulcerate, Rupture Christ
Favorite track: “Acephalus Meatgrind Orgy Hibernation,” “Ravenous Loathing”

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