Good morning fuckers! This morning’s playlist is dedicated to a conversation Josh and I had yesterday. For some strange reason we went from Stray From The Path into “Dead Before I Stray” by Into The Moat into Winter Solstice. I loved Winter Solstice back in the day. Sure, they were a Christian metalcore band from the early 2000s. That shit was huge back then and Winter Solstice was on top of their shit. Their first and only full-length <em>The Fall of Rome</em> is a great metalcore album to this day. I don’t really listen to metalcore anymore, but I had to break out this album after mine and Josh’s conversation. Enjoy, or don’t. Fuck it. Josh and I will be into it. I think I may also throw a Zao song or two in here for the fuck of it.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

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