Animals As Leaders To Release New Album and DVD


According to our bro’s over at Metal Injection, Animals As Leaders has been announcing that their new album will be released in November at their recent shows. It also appears that the band are filming for the release of a DVD. There is no other info on the DVD besides that The Faceless guitarist Steve Jones has been on the road with band filming their performances.

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– Josh Huddleston

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Evan Brewer’s Solo Set Up


Bass extraordinaire Evan Brewer has embarked on his first solo tour in support of his debut “Alone”. Brewer recently sat down and gave the world a glance at his live rig. Even though he doesn’t show us his full set up, it still comes off as very modest. I am totally jealous of all who get to see Brewer’s live performance.

Evan Brewer is currently on tour with Animals As Leaders, Intronaut, and Last Chance To Reason. Make sure you don’t pass this tour up, it’s too good to miss. Continue reading for the rest of the dates and some live footage.

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RWAKE Are Beatifully Sour And So Is This New Song.

I talked about Rwake’s new album a few days ago and without a hitch, my Arkansan brethren have released the first single off of their upcoming album Rest. The single is called “It Was Beautiful, But Now It’s Sour.” After just a few moments I realized that this song was a vicious son of a bitch. It’s filthy, sludgy and an all-around monster. I have waiting a long while for this song and I am very pleased with it. In the true Rwake style, this song is perfectly executed and full of misanthropic riffing and thunderous drumming. The vocals are those of insane perfection. I cannot say anything negative about this song because it’s just not there. It’s amazing. It’s fantastic. Go listen to it right now on The NPR. I also love that while I am waiting to listen to the track I get an ad for a bluegrass album. Feels good to be a southerner sometimes.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Who’s Getting Pumped For New LANDMINE MARATHON?!

Alrighty, so remember when I told you that Landmine Marathon were recording an album? Well, if you don’t I mentioned this in early June. Up until recently, we didn’t have much to go on other than what I posted here. Well, now we know that the band’s new album is called Gallows and it will be released on September 27th via Prosthetic Records. Well, if this doesn’t excite you, then you might be stoked to learn that live versions of two new tracks have been unearthed. Even live, these tracks are blowing me away. If anything, this only makes me more stoked to hear the album in full.

To go along nicely with the new album, Landmine Marathon will be touring quite a bit this summer. Starting July 29th in California, wrapping up August 13th in New Mexico and then October 2nd through November 2nd alongside Warbringer and Lazarus A.D. Check out the gnarly-as-fuck new tracks below as well as tour dates for Landmine Marathon’s Summer and Fall.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

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THE ATLAS MOTH Will Destroy You With Coffin Varnish!


Holy hell, do I love The Atlas Moth. I got to interview Stavros recently and he told me I had a lot to look forward to with the new record. Well, he was right. The band released the first single off of An Ache For The Distance called “Coffin Varnish” and it is an intriguing, sludgy masterpiece. This song has so much melody and atmosphere that it is almost unbelievable. I mean, this is a work of art. If this reflects what the rest of the album has in store, this is gunning for a top spot on my Year End list already. The musicianship is impeccable, the vocals are extraordinary, I just can’t get over how fantastic this is. Head over to Stereogum’s Haunting The Chapel column and listen to this fucking warlock. You won’t be disappointed. I know Lane wasn’t. An Ache For The Distance comes out September 20th via Profound Lore. Get stoked!

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Morning Jams: GRAVEHILL

Good morning, Aftermathletes. How did we all sleep? Who cares? Juuust kidding. Anyway, let’s get right to the morning playlist, shall we? This morning it’s all Gravehill! This band is fucking fantastic. I just got my hands on a new piece from them, which I will be reviewing later today. Until then, enjoy their savage ruthlessness via YouTube videos! Yay!

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

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