The Ties That Grind… IX

Hello fellow Grinders. With the recent surge of amazing grindcore albums dropping this year such as Rotten Sound, Noisear, Wormrot and Brutal Truth (as well as many, many more), I have to also give props to the up-and-coming underground grind bands from all over the world. Every week (or so) I will be posting a few grind bands that I believe should be checked out. Lets start this off with…

Filthy, sludgy powerviolence from Texas. Lane showed me this band a few days ago and I totally dig it. Hardcore punk attacks with chunky bass lines and all the aggression of good old powerviolence. The songs are all short and to the point and these guys are fucking pissed off. Check ‘em out. Download their 2011 Demo here.

Do you like bands like Trap Them and Rotten Sound? Slash Dementia are the band for you. Following almost directly in the footsteps of their fellow Fins Rotten Sound, these dirty grinders set out to destroy you with their melee of grind mastery. This band is absolutely amazing and I’ve been listening to their album non-stop for weeks. You can download Race Against The Machine right right here for free! Seriously, do it!

Holy shit. Where can I start with Seeds of Rape? Vicious, unrelenting noisy grindviolence from the bowels of hell? Yeah, that sounds about right. This is yet another pissed band picked by J. Randall to be a part of his Grindcore Karaoke label so many other amazing bands. These guys fit in just right with their aggressive, dirty brand of grind. Check ‘em out and, as always, this is free to download right here. Don’t sit around with your thumper up your dumper. Grind it out, motherfuckers!

That’s all for this weeks The Ties That Grind… Be sure to check back next time for another installment of TTTG. Also, please leave a comment or e-mail me bands that you would like to see featured on TTTG.

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