Exclusive Interview: SOURVEIN’s T-Roy Medlin

Sourvein is a band that has been ripping up the sludge community for many years now. I have been a fan of this band for a long time, so when the opportunity came up for me to interview Sourvein’s main man, T-Roy Medlin, I jumped at it. I was stoked to get a chance to interview this guy. He is an amazing musician (he also does work with Hail! Hornet and formerly worked with Buzzov*en in a live setting) and I can’t thank him enough for this interview. ~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Can you introduce yourself? What is your name and what do you do in the band?
I am T-Roy,  the singer. I am from Cape Fear.

Sourvein has been making music for the better part of two decades. What drives you to keep making music?
It’s all I know. I’ve been non-stop since I was 18, that was 20 years ago. I love the fuck outta what I do. I mean every word I say.

The band’s first release was a split with Buzzov*en in 1996. Since then, Sourvein has only released three full-length records. Do you guys prefer EPs and split releases? Or is that just how it worked out?
I do like doing splits and EPs but it’s how it worked out really. We were not just gonna throw a full-length out until we found a label who would push it as hard as we will. It takes time, you know.

Are there any splits you guys have coming up any time soon?
One we did a few years back with Coffins is going to come out after four years.

You guys contributed a track for the Eyehategod tribute album “For the Sick.”  How did you come to be a part of that?

Well, a friend of mine asked us. I know all the dudes in Eyehategod. It’s cool to do, but I don’t like doing covers, really!

Sourvein just released your latest album Black Fangs.’Can you tell me a little about the album? Lyrical themes?
The record has heart and soul in it .Joy to pain, a story of rising up through hell. Lyrics are always real, tales of vampires, poverty, Sharon Tate, tribute and white trash, ghetto life.

Are you confident about the new record? Meaning, is this the band’s best work to-date in your eyes?
I’ll back it up, I dig it a lot. It could be, but we are always moving forward.

Will you guys be touring in support of
Black Fangs?

I am on the road now and there will be tours all year.

Who or what would you say serve as the biggest influences on you as a musician?
Black Flag, Black Sabbath and Prince Far I.

I understand that when a band is recording or even just after the recording is complete that they tend to not listen to much music. Does this apply to you? Or are there any bands or musicians you’ve been listening to lately?
It does. I just listen to stuff like Billie Holiday and Peter Tosh after the doom stuff. Lately HR Charge and the new Graveyard is killer.

Speaking or records, what do you prefer: MP3, CD, cassette or vinyl? I’m a vinyl man myself, but I have a bit of everything lying around the house.
I like vinyl as well, it’s the best.

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