Exclusive Interview: CAPSULE’s Eric Hernandez

Capsule’s most recent album, No Ghost, was released earlier this year and completely blew me away. Capsule is one of the most unique bands I have heard in awhile. I recently got a hold of bass player and vocalist, Eric Hernandez to answer a few questions.

-Lane Oliver

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THRONE OF KATARSIS Will Meet You At The Grave

Throne of Katarsis are planning to release their third album, Ved Graven this fall. I don’t know a lot of about this Norwegian black metal entity, but I’ve heard a few track and they’re pretty good. I’m looking forward to hearing this album. Below is an excerpt straight from the press release and you can see the track list after the jump.

Ved Graven (fundamentally translated to “at the grave”) is ultimately the darkest material written by the band since their inception in 2004. Cold and raw, and with the bizarre aura of an everlasting funeral, THRONE OF KATARSIS recorded the seven rites of this album over three long nights, recording in total darkness. All instruments and vocals were recorded in a live séance in order to capture the aura the band creates during their convocations. Several guitar leads were added to this sinister mix, as well as an organ, recorded during a late night ceremony at a local church in Norway.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

THIS IS HELL Crossover with “Black Mass”

Long Island, NY hardcore band This Is Hell have recently revealed that they will be releasing a new album through Rise Records on Oct 11th titled “Black Mass”.  The band’s guitarist Rick Jimenez had this to say about the new album,

“The new album takes the crossover and metal influences from last album to much greater extremes and the end product was Black Mass, by far the heaviest and thrashiest songs we’ve written and recorded.”

I for one have always slightly enjoyed This Is Hell’s flirtation with thrash riffs, but I’m not sure  if they’re older fans will really dig it.  It’s probably a little too soon to be making any real judgments though.  Continue reading to check out the “Black Mass” track list as well as a new song.

– Josh Huddleston

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The Ties That Grind… X

Hello fellow Grinders. With the recent surge of amazing grindcore albums dropping this year such as Rotten Sound, Noisear, Wormrot and Brutal Truth (as well as many, many more), I have to also give props to the up-and-coming underground grind bands from all over the world. Every week (or so) I will be posting a few grind bands that I believe should be checked out. Lets start this off with… [Continue...]

Watch ‘The Pit: A Film About Crowd Surfing’


“The Pit: A Film About Crowd Surfing” is a British made short film that servers as a quick view into the hardcore scene in England. The primarily focuses on the crowds involvement by asking fans and musicians alike about their thoughts on crowd surfing. The film is only seven minutes long but features some fantastic footage of Trash Talk, Cancer Bats, and The Gallows as well interviews with Lee Spielman (Trash Talk) and Liam Cormier (Cancer Bats).     (via mpora.com)


– Josh Huddleston

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Go Forth And Download ACXDC Albums! Do It Now!

One of my all time favorite grind/powerviolence bands is ACxDC and in the past it has been a bitch to find this bands music digitally. I’ve gotten a few songs here and there, but I never could find the albums. I also couldn’t locate them in online distros (although I never checked the band’s official store before). Well, if you are like me and you love ACxDC and you are dying to have some of their tunes in a digital format, look no further!

The band has recently put up their entire first EP, He Had It Coming as well as the A Sign of Impending Doom Compilation up on their Bandcamp page. Also up on this page are two songs from the band’s forthcoming Second Coming EP! And the real kicker? All of this can be downloaded for FREE! So yeah, now not only can you get ACxDC’s music digitally, it’s fucking free! Kick the shit up and download! Check out one of my favorite albums below and LIKE ACxDC on Facebook.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Exclusive Interview: THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER’s Ryan Knight and Shannon Lucas

I recently attend The Summer Slaughter Tour in Dallas, TX and was lucky enough to score some time with Shannon Lucas and Ryan Knight of The Black Dahlia Murder. They discuss the bands new album Ritual out now on Metalblade, Shannon’s work with Corpse Grinder and Adam D, as well as some of his favorite grindcore bands. Watch the interview above and continue below the jump to view some HD footage of the band performing “A Shrine To Madness” and “Everything Went Black”.

– Josh Huddleston

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Since this morning’s jam is Lifelover, I thought I’d go into the psychotic genius behind the Swedish black-rock DSBM band. Kim Carlsson, from Jönköping, Sweden, is one of the most prolific and driving forces behind the suicidal-depressive black metal genre, as well as the most irritatingly and beautifully distinctive.

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Review: Weekend Nachos’ “Worthless”

By Lane Oliver

Today at Taco Bell (the place to go for cheap, mediocre tacos and copious amounts of diarrhea) whilst devouring my “delicious” plate of nachos I thought to myself, “Man, I should review the new Weekend Nachos album”. One plate of pathetic nachos and two teaspoons of Pepto Bismol later, here it is. Worthless, is the new album from Chicago powerviolence enthusiasts, Weekend Nachos and it is quite the punch to the face.

“Hometown Hero” opens up the album and sets the mood for what is to come. Worthless is a relentless surge of extremely angry hardcore that will knock you on your face.  “Hometown Hero” is just the tip of this pissed off iceberg. Each song is just as angry, if not more angry than the last. Most of the songs on this album are very short but pack enough punch to completely pummel you in less than a minute’s time. The extremely short songs, like “Dubviolence” are even heavier and more pissed off than the others. When the song’s duration is short, the band tries to pack in as many catchy, angry riffs so that despite its short length, it will stick with you. The production also adds to the album’s sheer brutality. It’s very raw and dirty sounding, but not so dirty that you can’t enjoy the album. Worthless will pulverize you and

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The Takasago Army Wants You! To Listen to CHTHONIC!

Chthonic are an interesting band that I started listening to not too long ago. I dig melodic black metal somewhat, not as often as any other genre of music however. They are an interesting band and I have enjoyed quite a few of their songs. I have had their new album Takasago Army for a few days but I have yet to listen through it all the way through. There is something about the few songs I have heard that doesn’t exactly stand out to me as much as the band’s last record, 2009’s Mirror of Retribution. This album seems to be taking a step back from melodic black metal and a step towards melodic symphonic death metal. Maybe it just needs a better listen. Until then you can stream the album over at AOL Music. Go listen and then come back here and praise or bitch about it.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Review: INEVITABLE END – “The Oculus”

By: Ross Gnarly

Okay, I am going into this review hearing this band, pretty much, for the first time. I believe I have heard a few tracks by this band before, but I am not familiar with their past or their sound. I have a strong feeling that I will be enjoying this. Let us see, shall we?

“Tell Us, Parasites” is an interesting track to start off an album with. Insane technical mathgrinding. Wow. The vocals have a bit of a Daughters vibe to them. The drumming is absolutely out of control and I love the guitar work. I’m no familiar with any of this bands material before this album, so I can’t really compare, but this is fucking amazing. “Escaping The Black Hole” is no less intense than the first track. In fact it may be even more out of the box. I love the obscure grinding that is present here. I really wish I had some of this bands older material to do a comparison with, I don’t think they always sounded like this. Love the riffing, still crazy technical just like the pulverizing drumming. The vocals stand out to me because there is quite a range to them and many, many layers. This band is fucking awesome. Where have you been all my life? [Continue...]

Are You Prepared To See A Zombie KITTIE?!

So, Kittie’s new album dropped today and with it came a new music video. This video is for the first single off of I’ve Failed You, “We Are The Lamb” which I stated might be Kittie’s best song ever. This video is pretty fucking odd, but I dig it. Blurry footage of the band playing mixed with frontwoman Morgan cooking and licking a brain. Yeah, you read that right. She licks a brain. After that, she gets attacked by a zombie. Ahh! Another zombie! More zombies! It’s like an all-female version of Day of The Dead! At the end of the video, Morgan pays homage to Cannibal Corpse (probably not intentionally) when she eats her own intestines (see the resemblance?). Not a horrible video. I mean I’ve seen worse. Haha. Peep the video below. I probably won’t be reviewing this album, but mi amigo Merg did. Check that out here. Enjoy.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

Review: END REIGN – “End Reign 7″”

By: Ross Gnarly

Right off, I knew I was going to love End Reign for the simple fact that their first song on this EP started off filthy and fuzzy. Boy, was I right! Crusty filth in the vein of Trap Them, End Reign absolutely kill from the first song “Horror.” Constant tempo changes behind monstrously distorted guitars come together to form quite a sturdy package. The riffing is fantastic, steady and charging. Fantastic tunes. From there, “To Pray For” takes over and immediately sets me into headbanging mode. This track may be even more vicious than this EPs opener. It’s mid-paced and full of insane riffing and ferocious drumming. This band is fast and to the point. They don’t have to fuck around with riffs to make them stand out or seem special. End Reign just charge in and fuck shit up.

“Abyss” is a d-beat laden, filthy hardcore attack. From the bowels of hell, these vocals will rip out your jugular and spit it back at you. Aggressive doesn’t add up to how pissed these vocals are. I love it. This voice is raw and harsh all around. The riffing is extraordinary with the ever-changing d-beats filling up the air around them. “Dream Eater” opens with an eerie clean guitar which quickly is followed by a nice, steady drum tempo. Those amazing vocals come in as well and the package is set. Just before the minute mark, the track is in full swing. The first half of this track leans more towards a sludge side of the spectrum than anything. Similar to Seven Sisters of Sleep while the second half is more straight up Trap Them or New Lows. I love the adrenaline and the back-up vocals on this track. Great EP. Weighing in at only 14 minutes, this is a definite must hear. Don’t sleep on End Reign because chances are, these guys will fuck your shit up. [Continue...]