Go Forth And Download ACXDC Albums! Do It Now!

One of my all time favorite grind/powerviolence bands is ACxDC and in the past it has been a bitch to find this bands music digitally. I’ve gotten a few songs here and there, but I never could find the albums. I also couldn’t locate them in online distros (although I never checked the band’s official store before). Well, if you are like me and you love ACxDC and you are dying to have some of their tunes in a digital format, look no further!

The band has recently put up their entire first EP, He Had It Coming as well as the A Sign of Impending Doom Compilation up on their Bandcamp page. Also up on this page are two songs from the band’s forthcoming Second Coming EP! And the real kicker? All of this can be downloaded for FREE! So yeah, now not only can you get ACxDC’s music digitally, it’s fucking free! Kick the shit up and download! Check out one of my favorite albums below and LIKE ACxDC on Facebook.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

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