Since this morning’s jam is Lifelover, I thought I’d go into the psychotic genius behind the Swedish black-rock DSBM band. Kim Carlsson, from Jönköping, Sweden, is one of the most prolific and driving forces behind the suicidal-depressive black metal genre, as well as the most irritatingly and beautifully distinctive.


According to the band themselves, Lifelover was formed in 2005 by ( ) and b. Before their most recent album, they have produced four distinct visions of madness: Pulver (2006), Erotik (2007), Konkurs (2008), and Dekadens (2009). Their latest release, Sjukdom, is just as commendable, distressing and lovely and fucked up. Lifelover is the crazy but well executed bastard child of Katatonia and Burzum. It’s sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll without the sex and only some rock ‘n roll. Personally, I recommend Pulver, but you can’t really go wrong with any of these. Also, Lifelover has been touring in support of Sjukdom, and with any luck you can see his wtf stage antics and pimp hat, and maybe get a free razorblade (seriously, there’s one in the boxset).

Kim’s other main project is Hypothermia, a truly suicidal black metal band. Hypothermia, consisting of Kim, drummer Richard (Through the Pain) and guitarist Patrik, started releasing demos in 2003, and the latest LP, Skogens Hjärta, which is basically an hour of heart wrenching torture. Kim’s signature vocals, some of the most twisted, raw, and piercing screams you will ever hear, are what set Hypothermia apart from other DSBM bands. This is also what may turn some people off from his projects, because the natural reaction to the sound of a human in pain is not to turn it up louder. Your tolerance will be tested, not everyone likes listening to someone’s soul dragging and bleeding all over you. But if this sounds like your idea of a party, check out Gråtoner and Rakbladvalsen.

Kyla is Kim’s one-man DSBM project, releasing only one full-length in 2005, Glory of Negativity. The material is extremely similar to Hypothermia, as well as the atmosphere, but it’s worth checking out.

Life is Pain is a collaboration between Kim and Trist, a Czech DSBM heavyweight. Life is Pain only released one full-length album before disbanding, Bloody Melancholy (2006), but it’s pretty fucking brutal.

Kim provides the screams as usual, and Trist takes care of everything else, apparently writing the lyrics in a mental hospital. That may sound like a load of shit to some people, but those people haven’t listened to this:

Another band worth checking out, Svarti Loghin, released a track featuring Kim on vocals, which was probably a really good move.

Have fun kids.

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