MARDUK Leaves Label, Announces String of Festival Dates!

A few days ago Marduk, the Swedish black metallers announced that they had parted ways with Regain Records. I’m not sure why, I don’t know if any official press release was ever released or anything. Maybe they just wanted to see other people? Fuck if I know. All I have to go on is the following statement by the band:

“From today Marduk and Blooddawn Productions have ended their cooperation with Regain Records. New working partner will be presented within the nearest future. We can also announce a late added festival. Marduk will headline the Firebox Metal Festival in Finland on the 30th of September. More info in the tour section! Let the bloodshed begin…

“Its with great enthusiasm we can announce that Marduk will participate on the Hatefest during December. Featuring Triptykon, Kataklysm among others. The festival package will also be appearing at the Eindhoven Metal Meeting during its december march. There will be 17 dates of the blackest hate delivered by the Panzer Division known as Marduk.

“After finishing the tour Marduk will be entering the studio to begin the recording of their 12th studio album.”

~R. Gnarly//#BlackMetalSunday

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