Three Bands Leave Regain Records In Less Than A Week?

A few days ago I posted about Marduk leaving Reprise and a few days before that Dark Funeral left Regain Records also. I thought it was a coincidence until I learned that Ragnarok, the Norwegian black metal monster, had also left Regain Records. One of the comments on the Marduk post that Regain having some financial issues and I’m not sure if this is true or not, but I can’t find anything on the situation other than GunShyAssassin’s post about the delay the Gorgoroth re-release. So is Regain going under? Or are they just too cheap to pony up the dough? Hell if I know, but I no longer think this is a coincidence. Here is a statement from Ragnarok on the situation:

“We confirm that Ragnarok is ending its collaboration with Regain Records and no further albums will be released on the label. We are currently in the process of looking at various offers from labels, but no decision has yet been taken, and if any labels are interested in working with the band they are more than welcome to contact us via our management at”

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

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