Exclusive Premier: FUCK THE FACTS’ “Home” + Interview

When I was approached by Topon Das to premier a new Fuck The Facts track on this blog, I can say that I was more than a little excited. I love Fuck The Facts and everything that they have ever done. I’ve listened to their new album Die Miserable nonstop since I received it and when I found out about the Misery EP, which was going to be released the same day, I almost wet myself. I got to catch up with Topon to ask him a few questions about the new albums, the new song and more. Read on and enjoy the premier of “Home” which comes off of the Misery EP. Misery and Die Miserable will be released on October 11th. ~R. Gnarly//Grave Det Eller Dø.

How have you been, man? Keeping busy I see.

Die Miserable comes out soon. Can you tell me a little about it?
It’s pretty much what we’ve been working on for the past 3 years. As soon as we finished the split with Leng Tch’e back in September 2008, we started working on this album. We’re all fucking stoked that it’s finally coming out, not just because we’re proud of it, but we can finally close the book on this album and get started on some new shit.

Aside from Die Miserable, you folks are putting out a new EP of b-sides and stuff that didn’t make the cut for Die Miserable right? Why did you choose to put this out on the same day Die Miserable is released?
Just seemed like the least bullshit way of doing it. The Misery EP was recorded back in November 2010 and we just got around to finishing up the mix/mastering of it in June. I wanted to get it out, and it seemed like the most fair thing to do was to release it at the same time as the actual album and make it available for people that want it right away.

Will both albums be available packaged together or as two separate packages?
You can get them together from us here:
Or order it on it’s own here:
We’ve made the Misery EP available for only $3 during the pre-order period.

How was the recording of each album?
Die Miserable was tough as shit. We did all the main tracking back in January 2010 and it was the most hell I’ve ever put myself though just to make a record. Since we were handling all the recording ourselves, we were extremely nervous not to fuck anything up. Basically, we spent a month in the basement working all day and all night to make this the best thing possible. When it came time to do the Misery EP, we took it a bit more relax and I think you can hear it in the recording. It’s a not a bad thing at all, it’s just different. Since we’ve been doing more recording in our home studio (even other bands), we’re getting more comfortable, gear is getting better and we’re learning what to do and what not to do. But ya man, it’s tough. We really put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make shit as good as possible, and when we’re doing it all on our own there’s no one else to blame but ourselves if shit goes wrong.

Have you recorded any new, interesting bands lately?
Actually, I’m just about to start recording 3 new Biipiigwan songs tomorrow. They’re the ones that got me started on this whole recording other bands thing, and it’s been awesome to see how they’ve evolved over the years. I’ve got demos of these 3 new songs and they fucking kill. I’ve very stoked to get this shit recorded. I’m also currently re-mixing the first Alaskan album I recorded “The Weak and the Wounded”, for vinyl release soon. We actually have a page for the studio now if people want to check out other stuff we’ve done: http://www.facebook.com/Apartment2

Can you tell me about this song, “Home?”
Our drummer Vil wrote this one for his old band “Bad Trippe” just around when they broke up, so it never actually got used. It’s definitely a ripper and whenever you hear crazy ripping million note riffs like this in a FTF song, it’s most likely Vil that wrote it. The lyrics of this song also hint back to songs on Die Miserable, which I think is really cool.

Now that you have finished recording this album and EP, what’s up next for Fuck The Facts
We’ll be doing some touring for sure, but mainly we’re just gonna make more music. That’s pretty much what we do. There’s no better felling in the world to me that making music with my band. So as soon as we’re done one thing, we move onto the next. We already got a few new songs and ideas on the go, so I’m sure in 3 years we’ll have another boat load of new music to share with everyone.

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One comment on “Exclusive Premier: FUCK THE FACTS’ “Home” + Interview

  1. Great Interview! I have to say, I think Fuck The Facts is my favorite grindcore band. They just have the most amazing riffs and dynamic song structures. Whereas most grind feels very straightforward, FtF is always coming at you sideways with punishing parts and surprising melodies. I’m super stoked for the release of these two albums.

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