The End of The Road: David Hall Quits The Music Video Business

Not David Hall.

David Hall, the mastermind behind not only Maryland Deathfest The Movie 1 & 2 but also music videos by bands such as Today Is The Day, Fuck The Facts and Hail of Bullets, among others, has decided to quit the music video business. After he finishes the videos he has on his place, he will be calling it quits, well not completely. He has decided to turn his focus towards what he calls “VHS Albums.” Read on to see what videos Hall has remaining and what a “VHS Album” is.

“Between now and the new year, I’ll be completing new videos for Jucifer, Maruta, Rottenness, Ladder Devils, Vilipend, Rwake, Brutal Truth and Fuck the Facts,” said Hall from his London, Ontario office, “and when the last one is done that’s it – no more music videos for me.”

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~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die

Hall’s first music video was Fuck The Facts’ “The Sound of Your Smashed Head” in 2006.

“I love music videos,” Hall stated, “but the stand-alone music video is just not a format I’m interested in producing anymore.” A format Hall is interested in working on, however, is something he calls the ‘VHS album.’

“A VHS Album,” Hall explained, “is basically an album output to a VHS tape, with an accompanying video track created specifically for the music. Each VHS release will be extremely limited, like 1 to 5 copies – and the visuals on each tape will differ slightly, so every VHS album will be one-of-a-kind. The tapes will be like Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Readymades,’ but with a creamy center – which is the film and music.”

The first VHS album Hall will release, through his production company and now record-label, Handshake Inc, will be Today is the Day’s “Axis of Eden.”

Also slated for the VHS album treatment are Total Fucking Destruction’s “Hater,” USX Appalachia’s (U.s. Christmas) first album “Salt the Wound,” and Sulaco’s “Build and Burn.”

Apart from VHS albums, Hall will continue work on music related films and documentaries, but he has also announced that this will be the last year he’ll be filming Maryland Deathfest.

“2011 was supposed to be the last year I was going to film at MDF,” said Hall, explaining his decision to stop making the MDF Movie ‘franchise’, “but I wasn’t really thinking, since 2012 is the tenth anniversary, and it makes sense to commit the insane, mind-blowing line-up to film. As with music videos, I love MDF, it’s like my second home, but producing the film takes up roughly ten months of my year, and makes it hard to focus on other projects.”

One project Hall is specifically going to focus on is a feature-length documentary about producer and engineer Billy Anderson.

“This is going to be a proper, exhaustive documentary,” Hall said of the film, which he and various crews have been gathering footage for since May 2011, “I’ve been listening to music Billy’s been a part of since I was 19 – his creative output is unparalleled, and I want to take the time necessary to make a film about him.”

‘Maryland Deathfest: the Movie,’ filmed at MDF 7, was released in 2010, independently, through Hall’s company Handshake Inc. Last year saw the release of “Maryland Deathfest: the Movie II,” filmed at MDF 8. Hall is currently working on ‘Maryland Deathfest: the Movie 2.5,’ filmed at MDF 9 – which will be released with an accompanying vinyl soundtrack. ‘Maryland Deathfest: the Movie III,’ to be filmed at this year’s tenth edition of the fest is slated for a 2013 release on dvd and blu ray.

This does suck because David Hall has created some amazing music videos and they will go on even if he doesn’t. I am anxious to see one of these VHS Albums. Should be interest, no? And now, check out some more of Hall’s music video work.

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