Bullshit Tradition are a band I discovered recently from Burlington, Vermont. Playing a menacingly melodic yet harsh brand of hardcore and d-beat, these guys amazed me right from the start. Breaking the sound barrier with punishing chugging riffs and powerful, hammering drumming, there is nothing about this band that I don’t like. Their hardcore is loaded down with misanthropic atmosphere and a tanker-load of adrenaline.

This band always keeps you guessing with their constantly shifting tempos and their harsh, attention-demanding vocals draw you in and make you not want to stop listening to them. The band’s latest release, a demo titled Empty Eyes is a kick to the face that feels absolutely extraordinary. From their aggressive, fast-paced tracks to the more controlled, melodic songs, this band has something for every mood you could possibly be in. What makes this even more exciting? Empty Eyes is available to download for free right here or in the widget below. You can also keep up with the band on their Blog.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

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