The Code Is Orange: Long Live CODE ORANGE KIDS

Not too long ago, I befriended a band called Old Wounds. It was from them that I was introduced to Code Orange Kids. I’ve never actually spoken to the members of Code Orange Kids, but I have come to love their music. Aggressive and brutal hardcore from Pittsburgh is what these guys boast and they seriously back up their game. Such as it happens in many bands, Code Orange Kids sound has changed a bit over the span of their albums, but they never lost their pissed off nature.

I have yet to hear the bands latest album Cycles in it’s entirety, but the title track, which is streaming below, is plenty of incentive to make this album a must hear. Not only is the title track for Cycles currently streaming, it is also available for download along with Code Orange Kids’ demo and Embrace Me // Erase Me album. You can download all of these here. Get into these dudes. They’re amazing. Also, follow the band on Facebook page. Enjoy.

~R. Gnarly//Dig It or Die.

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