Live from Suckfest

I’m going to do my best to be your lifeline to night one of the Metal Suckfest. I’m freezing at the Gramercy Theatre in NYC so you don’t have to. Tonight’s lineup is Ramming Speed, All Pigs Must Die, Magrudergrind, Black Tusk, Howl, This is Hell, Today is the Day, God Forbid, and headliners Municipal Waste.


6:50 – Ive heard nothing but good things about Ramming Speed from mutual friends. Highly recommend you get rammed immediately.

6:57 – Also, I totally forgot All Pigs Must Die were here, I reviewed APMD’s God is War and gave it like nine fucking stars. Totally surprised by how br00tal and crusty it was. Love that crust.

7:03 – Is this 40 yr old dude drinking a 40 of bud and wearing a Danzig tee going to the show? Tough call..

7:22 – “Late to Suckfest”

7:48 – Watain Long-Sleeve is definitely going. I have a new friend.

8:11 – What I caught of Black Tusk’s set was killer

8:13 – Howl setting up!

8:56 – keylesa shirt count: 3

9:05 – Howl blew me away. How the fuck do you pronounce Magrudergrind?

9:07 -Howl was heavy

9:17 – Susan: “You can’t wear your own damn band shirt unless you’re Quorthirn.”

9:33 – God Forbid I see another Kylesa shirt.

9:47 – Today is the Day. KSC: 7
9:44 – This Is Hell sucked.


10:06 – Every time Muni comes around I always miss them. I would totally be one of those people with a boogie board. I hope those people are here.


10:47 – God Forbid

10:49 – After party at Duffs, think I’ll make it?

11:01 – Howl= officially best band of the night. Holy shit.

11:26 – God Forbid played a new song – “This is Who We Are”




12:01 -Municipal Waste floored

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