Running With Worms: The Artwork Of Hell Comes Home

Burning Love/Fight Amp

Now, if you know me at all you know that I am an art nut. I love intricate and interesting album artwork as well as mind-bending, out-of-this-world band logos. I think an album cover can speak volumes towards the band and the music itself. A strong, powerful album cover can mean life or death for an album. I once submitted a post to Operation Grindcore in which I explained my love for four album covers (Coffinworm, Lake Of Blood, Kvelertak and Insect Warfare) and those are all albums that are very important to me.

Since posting that, there have been many more album covers that I have come across that I absolutely love. I love all of the work of Arif Rot (vocalist of Wormrot) and John Dyer Baizley but some other covers that I find very interesting are new albums by Man Will Destroy Himself, I’ll Eat Your Face and Hunters.

Aside from those, I have really been digging the artwork for Hell Comes Home’s 7″ vinyl subscription series. At the top of this post you can see the art for the 7″ release of the Burning Love/Fight Amp split. I find this artwork extremely intriguing as it is very intricate and detailed. Every little piece is just perfect. These are the points that really made me fall for Hell Comes Home’s first series. If you think that is killer, check out some of the other pieces below, I’m sure you’ll be into it. To inquire about subscribing the this vinyl series, please visit Hell Comes Home you can also like HCH on Facebook.

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