Too Sick To Save: Enter Boston’s ANTI-VENOM

Okay, there is no debate that Boston is a breeding ground for hardcore and has been forever. I mean, sick and twisted hardcore punk has been pouring out of New England since well before I was born and I love it because sometimes, just sometimes, these bands are some of the most aggressive and punishing. Well, I think those two character traits flow inside and out of Anti-Venom. This Boston-based hardcore band released an album in October and, after discovering it, I think it’s a pretty killer hardcore record for a band that I just happened to stumble across.

Their songs are kinda strange because they have their fast, pulverizing hardcore elements and then there are sludgy breakdowns and intros and between some of the tracks are “Segues.” The range from 19 seconds to 25 seconds and consist of strictly music. They tend to end pretty abruptly, which is kind of weird. The rest of the tracks however, I have no complaints whatsoever. This band has got a fan out of me and maybe they will get one out of you as well. Check out a stream of their album Too Sick To Save below and download it for free if your into it. Enjoy.

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