Greg Puciato Speaks On The Infectious Lyrics Of “Sunshine The Werewolf”

Lately, The Dillinger Escape Plan frontman has been answering fan submitted questions on his website. On one of the questions, he sheds some light on the lyrical themes in the song “Sunshine the Werewolf”. Surprisingly, the lyrics were inspired by Bugchasing. Below is the excerpt from his site:

“…When the song was written, the lyrics were originally actually inspired by an article that Brian Montuori, the artist responsible for the “Miss Machine” artwork, had sent me. It was a perverse and disgusting article about a strange and extreme subculture of people who would deliberately “give” and “receive” HIV in order to romantically share an eventually fatal disease(queen sized coffin built for two).

The lyrics were fiction, and written from the perspective of the “giver”, who then turned out to have tricked the smitten “receiver” into thinking their love was forever before instead moving on to someone else(there’ll be another just like you…you’re not the only one, etc), sadistically leaving the receiver feeling tricked and scorned…the receiver eventually repeating the cycle as a giver.

HIV vampires basically. A metaphor for people passing abuse forward in relationships…”

Wow. I had never heard of bugchasing nor would I have guessed that something such as that would be the inspiration behind one of my favorite Dillinger songs. But any rate, here is the amazing HIV infested song. Remember to scream “DESTTTTTTTTTRRRRRRRRRRRRROYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYERRRRRRRRRRRRRR” when you get tested this weekend.

-Lane Oliver

Thanks to ThePRP for the heads up.

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