Exclusive Interview: OLD WOUNDS’ Brandon Gallagher

I got into Old Wounds a while back when I was contacted by the band to listen to their EP Terror Eyes. I was instantly hooked to the band’s psychedelic hardcore sound and soon became friends with frontman Brandon Gallgher. This interview has been as long time coming and last night I sat down with Brandon to ask him a few questions I had for him. Check out the interview below in which we talk about how the band got it’s start, the music and Brandon’s art.

Let’s get right to it, can you tell me a little about how Old Wounds came to be?
Old Wounds pretty much came together last summer after our old band “broke up” aka our friends went away to school, and we really had nothing better to do then start another band.

I’ve actually heard a lot of bands have started out that way. Haha. And in December you released Sleeper, how was the album received?
I think Sleeper was honestly received the best out of everything we did so far, just because we were the new kids on the block, and there wasn’t really anything else for people to compare it to, and as most people will say for any band that they like the demo or first record the best haha.

With that said, have you noticed a change in the band’s music? Especially now that you’re not that “new band?”
Well it’s kind of hard to say, because every band progresses and changes as time goes on, but I think Jay Maas (dude who recorded Sleeper) helped us shape our sound for the long run. The songs on Sleeper sounded a lot different when we went into to record them. It was the small suggestions and ideas that he had for our sound that helped us during the recording process, and I think stuck us with almost a year later as we begin working on our first full length.

Was Jay the guy you went to when you recorded the Terror Eyes EP?
We actually recorded Terror Eyes with a dude named Jeremy Comitas, because as a band we felt like we wanted to spice things up and try something new. Jeremy approached us about recording with him around Christmas time, literally weeks after we recorded with Jay and it kinda just made sense at the time. I think we started recording it in February, and finished it in April. It was cool because Jeremy’s studio is in New Jersey, about 5 minutes outside of New York City so we were able to go back and work on it pretty much whenever we were both free.

That’s cool. Oh yeah, speaking of Terror Eyes, you guys recently released a video for the song “The Watcher.” I thought it was an amazing video, how do you guys think it turned out and can you tell me a little about it?
Our friend Max Moore did it for us. He’s an awesome videographer from Louisville. We pretty much went to him and told him the overall concept of the album and we were like “do your thing”, and that’s what came out of it. I couldn’t be more stoked. He’s probably gonna do a couple more videos for us for songs off the new record.

Speaking of, when can we expect the new album? I know that I, for one, can’t wait.
Haha thanks dude. We’re honestly unsure as to when we’re going to try and put out a new album. We have 4 songs completely done, and ideas for a couple more. We might put out a 2 song teaser shortly after the New Year to go along with some tours we have in the works.

Very nice. Definitely looking forward to it. If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask a little about you personally. You’re an artist and have done work for bands and labels, right? Can you tell me a little about your work?
Yeah man of course, what do you want to know?

When did you start doing art for bands/labels/companies and are there any that you’re especially proud of?
Oh man, I started doing graphic design probably when I was about 12 or 13? I’d say my accomplishments so far have been working on the Saw 6 Movie Soundtrack artwork and advertisements, and getting a full page feature in Maxim Magazine at 16 for a shirt I designed for Kill Brand was rad. As for bands, designing merch for Defeater has been awesome because I see kids wearing shirts I’ve done for them all the time.

Man, I bet that’s a great feeling. Seeing people happy because of art you’ve done. Are you the one responsible for the Old Wounds artwork?
Yeah sometimes it’s a bit surreal, but it rules for sure. As for Old Wounds’ artwork, yeah I’ve done everything. I’m probably going to sound super nerdy here, but I’m a huge fan of Jacob Bannon, and I love how you’re able to relate his artwork and design with the bands he’s done stuff for, and that’s the same kind of vibe I’m trying to create with Old Wounds and the bands I design for.

I am also a huge fan of Jacob’s artwork. The man is amazing. Would you say Jacob is an influence for you musically or is it just an art thing?
Well, I’d be lying if I said we didn’t all love Converge, but he’s definitely a huge artistic influence.

Yeah, I can tell you’re a Converge fan. I stumbled across a picture of your vinyl collection.
Haha that rules!

Hell yeah it does, man! One last thing before I let you go. Are there any bands that you’d like to give a shout out to? Anything that’s been peaking your interest?
Check out Pangea and Anti-Venom. They’re both rad bands that recently put out rad releases. Thanks for doing the interview with me Ross!

Thanks for taking the time, man!

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