Walking With Ghosts: LAMB OF GOD Release Single

And Lamb of God are fucking back. The band’s last two albums (2006’s Sacrament and 2009’s Wrath didn’t really stand out to me. I have been digging Lamb of God since the first time I heard the “Black Label” single back in the day. The band has always had a penchant for making steady, grooving tracks that I love. Like I said however, the last two records didn’t feel the same way to me. This new shit is a different story.

With the release of the first single from Resolution, it is obvious to me that Lamb of God has reverted back to their old ways and started making killer songs again. I am excite. This track sounds like something off of Ashes Of The Wake which is absolutely a good thing. I’m into it. Get into it. The track premiered over at MetalSucksbut was also released as a digital single here and so, by the power of the internet, you can skip over the middle man and just stream the song below. Of course, you should still visit MetalSucks because those dudes make with the comedy. Check out “Ghost Walking” and get ready for Resolution‘s January 24th release.

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One comment on “Walking With Ghosts: LAMB OF GOD Release Single

  1. dang this new song is burly as F***! the quality is ridiculous… and I love the punch of the metallic factory sounding snare…. so sick! I could listen to LOG’s guitarists shred all day…. the riffs are so rad. f*** yeah I can’t wait for their new cd! merry january 24th to me :)

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