Random Band Of The Day: CARA NEIR

Today’s Random Band is one that I have come to love in a very short time. As I’ve told you folks over and over, I love scanning Bandcamp for new and interesting tunes. I find quite a few each day and it’s odd that every now and then I listen to a band, download their record and randomly receive an e-mail from them a few days later. I mean, this has happened on more than one occasion, most recently with the band Cara Neir. I got into this bands music a week or so ago and even showed them to Bari, who was really into ’em as well and yesterday I received an e-mail from the bands instrumentalist Garry. I told him that I was already into the band and planning on writing about them so, why not make them the Random Band Of The Day?

Cara Neir are a fucking amazing band based out of Dallas, Texas. Their music is an outrageous blend of black metal, hardcore punk, experimental and grindcore. When you throw all of these different sounds into a blender and smash it with a hammer, you get the awe-inspiring, brutally dark and eerie Cara Neir. The band is killer by themselves and the addition of Dorian Rainwater of Noisear being a guest on the album as both a guitarist and vocalist really won me over. Dorrian is a homie so I knew anything that he would be into would have to be fucking killer. Fast, aggressive hardcore punk riffing with dark and ambient sections and atmosphere out the ass. That coupled with the Chris Francis’ absolutely mind-blowing. This band is all about the DIY also. Everything was written, recorded and produced by the band. Gotta love a band that knows how to keep their shit straight. I highly suggest you get into Cara Neir. They fucking rule and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be into it. Jam it up and download below.

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