CURSIVE Release New Track

Alternative/indie rock band Cursive have premiered a new track over at Rolling Stone. The song is called “The Sun and Moon” and will appear on the band’s upcoming full length, I Am Gemini, which comes out on February 21st. It’s a decent little song, definitely not the best they have done. But I am confident the album as a whole will turn out great. I suggest you check out this band even if they are not really your “thing”. Their album, The Ugly Organ, is a MUST listen. But I digress. Check out the song.

-Lane Oliver

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3 thoughts on “CURSIVE Release New Track”

    1. I was actually not a big fan of their first two albums. It was mainly because of the way Tim’s voice sounded on those records. I found it pretty annoying. But Domestica and onward are great

    2. I could see that. the vocals were pretty harsh on their first few albums, but musically they were a little less toned down.

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