New BLACK BREATH Album To Be Released In March

Black Breath’s new album, Sentenced To Life, will be released in March through Southern Lord. The album will be produced by Kurt Ballou and will feature 10 tracks that clock in under 30 minutes. Some revealed track titled include:

“Feast Of The Damned”
“Forced Into Possession”
“Home Of The Grave”
“Sentenced To Life“

Thanks to The PRP for the update.

-Lane Oliver

Random Band Of The Day: LOVE SEX MACHINE Put Slutty Into Sludgy

As with pretty much all of my Random Bands, I base all of my opinions on the music alone. I do not Google the band beforehand. No research, just tunes. That is why I am so thrilled that I stumbled across Love Sex Machine. Immediately thinking the band was a joke from the name and song titles, I was shocked to find that this band is actually a part of the Throatruiner Records family. Throatruiner has brought me nothing but joy ever since I found the label last year. There are just so many amazing bands that put out their music for free via Throatruiner.

Love Sex Machine is a band that I can describe in six words: “Sounds like The Abominable Iron Sloth.” I mean, seriously. Ungodly down-tuned, crushing sludgecore filth at it’s finest. On top of the band’s mind-blowing sound, the song titles are great. With tracks like “Anal On Deceased Virgin,” “Vagina Curse” and “Killed With A Monster Cock,” how can you not be digging this already? So, yeah. Listen to and download Love Sex Machine‘s self-titled record in the widget below. Get into it. LOVE SEX MACHINE.


Europeans, prepare to get your face ripped off and put in a blender and served to on a plate of pure grindcore fury. Exhumed, Rotten Sound, and Magrudergrind are set to tour Europe in February. Below are the announced dates so make sure you get your grind loving ass out there!

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Watch LILACS & CHAMPAGNE’S New Video For “Everywhere, Everyone”

Lilacs & Champagne, the new project from Grails’ own Alex Hall and Emil Amos, have released the video for their song “Everywhere, Everyone”. The video is just as eerie as the song that contains many chopped up and altered scenes from old horror movies. It actually fits well with the song. Check it out below. Their self titled debut will be released on the 31st.

-Lane Oliver

“Why You Do This” Documentary Available Online

Car Bomb vocalist Michael Dafferner recently uploaded his documentary Why You Do This to youtube! In this film, Dafferner documents Car Bomb’s major tours since the band’s beginning and asks the question, “why do people in heavier forms of music choose to play that type of music?” It features interviews from members of The Chariot, Gojira, Last Chance to Reason, and many more. I actually really, really enjoy this film and it gives you a good insight into what keeps tech metal bands going. You can watch the hour long documentary below and if you’re interested in a DVD copy, you can purchase it here.

-Lane Oliver

Violent Like Me: HIVESMASHER Release MINOR THREAT Cover

Do you know Hivesmasher? You really should know Hivesmasher. Hivesmasher are a techy grind band from Massachusetts who I featured on The Grinding Aftermath Comp last year. This band fucking rips and I have been a fan for a long time. You know what else I am a fan of? Minor Threat. I fucking love me some Minor Threat so when Hivesmasher covers Minor Threat, you should know I’d be all over it. And I was. And I am. You know what, fuck this incoherent post. Just listen to Hivesmasher covering “Bottled Violence” below and be on the look out for a new Hivesmasher record this year. Yeeeeah! Follow the band on Facebook and Twitter.

Album Of The Week: WORMROT’s “Noise” EP

When Wormrot released their Noise EP late last year I got extremely worked up about it. When this album was released, there was a two sided disagreement. Some people were stoked on it and some were disappointed that Wormrot released the album through Scion A/V. I was on the former side of things. I was just happy that the world was getting new Wormrot material. Ya know? I got my copy of the album and have listened to it like it was going out of style. I own the album on every format that it is available and love it. Love, love, love. This is why I chose Noise as the Album Of The Week this go-around. Check out my review here and check a full stream of the album after the jump.

New MARS VOLTA Track To Appear In Upcoming MLB Videogame

The Mars Volta will have a new song by the name of “Zed and Two Naughts” featured on the soundtrack of the upcoming MLB 12 video game. The game will be released on March 6th and I honestly hope a new Volta album will be released shortly after. I hope. Hopefully after (or before *crosses fingers*) the game is released, the audio for the song will appear on the web. I need my new Volta fix. Now!

-Lane Oliver

Sticks And Stones: Prosthetic Records Signs PRIMITIVE WEAPONS

Okay, every now and then I get stumped when I try to label a band. I mean, there are just no proper labels I can give some bands. The latest band to join the no label clique? Brooklyn, New York’s Primitive Weapons who just so happen to have very recently signed to Prosthetic Records. Prosthetic is already the home to a lot of amazing bands like Skeletonwitch, Trap Them, Ov Hell and Landmine Marathon and they have recently signed one of my personal underground favorites Everything Went Black so before I could decide whether Primitive Weapons would fit in on Prosthetic, I had to hear the band. So first thing I did was head over to the bands Facebook page and check out their tunes.

On Primitive Weapons‘ Facebook, they list themselves as “weird, heavy” and I think that about sums it up. They have some hardcore elements, some sludgy breaks and righteous, vicious vocals. Pretty much it’s just an all around good time. I really dig this band’s sound and I can’t wait to hear what they have to offer on their Prosthetic debut. Their album is due out this Spring. I’ll keep you updated on happenings as they become clear. Check out a track below to get a feel for the band’s sound.


Oh snap, Mike ‘Lonestar’ Carrigan guitarist of Darkest Hour has uploaded a rap song entitled, ‘Lonestar and Dean’. The song is a collaboration with Dean Rowbotham. I’m not gonna lie to you guys… This shit is pretty fucking awful. It sounds like a joke so I am hoping it’s a one-off kinda thing.

— Josh Huddleston

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Line Up, Fly: BIRDS IN ROW Enter The Studio

This time last year I posted about Birds In Row, a French hardcore band who had released an album through the free label Throatruiner Records. Well, I didn’t hear anything about the band until a short time ago when I learned that Birds In Row had signed to Deathwish, Inc., which was pretty fucking cool. I think this band will fit in very well alongside Deathwish bands like Touche Amore, Rise And Fall and New Lows. Now it has been announced that Birds In Row has entered the studio to record their Deathwish debut. Here is what frontman Bart Hirigoyen had to say:

“We’ve been taking a month and a half to compose these twelve songs. It should sound a bit more aggressive, yet more melodic too. The lyrics are centered around the concept of feeling old and jaded when this is only the beginning of life.”

Also on January 17th Vitriol Records will release Collected, a retrospective on all of Birds In Row‘s material to date. Check out their album Cottbus streaming below.