Review: KAYO DOT-“Gamma Knife”

By Lane Oliver

Kayo Dot have returned this year with Gamma Knife, the follow up to last year’s Stained Glass EP and the first full length since 2010’s Coyote. For those not familiar with the band, Kayo Dot is a bit of an enigma when it comes to genre labeling. They combine elements of free jazz, chamber music, rock, progressive rock, black metal and so many other musical styles that it would take me a forever to list them all (if I could). The terms “experimental” and “avant-garde” get tossed around a lot and some of the bands that are labeled those terms; do not exactly fit the mold in my opinion. Kayo Dot however, is an epitome of experimental and avant-garde music.

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Filthy As Fuck: CAPTAIN CLEANOFF Working On New Material

Sickening Australian deathgrind outfit Captain Cleanoff has announced via their Facebook page that they were currently in the studio working on new material. If you’re not aware of Captain Cleanoff‘s brand of music, I can’t say I blame you. The band has only release a single full-length album and a handful of other releases (2 splits, an EP and a compilation). Their name isn’t one that is uttered very often but it should be. Captain Cleanoff is a fucking amazing band that I have been a fan of for a while, so to know that they are recording new grinds makes me all tingly. Check out the band’s official statement on Facebook and get excited!

Escaping Nightmares: ESCAPE THE FATE Ruin “Making Christmas”

Fuck me. I meant to post this when it originally came to my attention, but pushed it aside due to the hectic holidays. Okay, as a nerd I can honestly say that The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies all time. I am not saying this the way the dumbass hipsters say they love the movie. I have adored this movie since it’s release and I still watch it quite often. When Fall Out Boy, Korn and Marilyn Manson ravaged the classic Danny Elfman orchestrations, it was upsetting. But when a band I absolutely despise (well, technically just a singer) tries to take on a cover of a song from The Nightmare Before Christmas it’s always a fucking wreck.

The band I am talking about at this time is the scene-kings Escape The Fate‘s vocalist Craig Mabbitt. I don’t even have words to describe this. It’s a scene kids dream, I suppose. You can hear the song below. This is courtesy of Noisecreep. How bad/good do you find the cover?

Buyers Remorse: THE LOVE BELOW Reveal Album Details, Stream New Track

Crushing hardcore powerhouse The Love Below are preparing to release a new album via A389 Recordings. This new album will be titled Every Tongue Shall Caress and here is what the band and A389 had to say about the album:

Having spent the last few months holed up in the studio recording a slew of new material for two new releases, both A389 and the band have kept any news on the recordings relatively quiet until all the parts are in place.

However since their tour is right around the corner, and the layout is almost done.. A389 has decided to reveal a few details about THE LOVE BELOW‘s upcoming LP:

1) It’s coming out late February
2) It’s called ‘Every Tongue Shall Caress’… and It rules.
2) This song is going to be on it.  (It’s called ‘Buyers Remorse’)

And then there’s this song. It’s pretty fucking rad. Check it out and get stoked for the new The Love Below record!

Complete Shredding Madness: New Track By The Great SAMUS

You all know Samus, right? You should. He’s only the man behind the kit in Decrepit Birth and Eliminator but did you know he is also a very talented multi-instrumentalist? His talents far exceed some other solo artists worldwide. Samus recently uploaded a video of him playing a song in which he plays all instruments. It’s an instrumental tech-death track that is very pleasing to the ears. This track is very tech-savvy with thrashy elements (no doubt thrown in because of his playing in Eliminator). I get a taste of older Slayer towards the end of this track. Good shit. Check out the video below. When I first watched this it was titled “Untitled Rape” and now it is “Untitled Shred Madness.”

Wash Away My Sins: THE CARRIER Bad News And Mourning Tunes

Good mourning, people. Well, not really good. Every night I bookmark and make notes of stuff I plan to write about the next day. It’s lame, but it’s my process. This is how I work, ya know? Well, I am just now getting to my note about The Carrier calling it quits. That sucks. Early last year is when I first started getting digital promos from labels and The Carrier‘s last record Blind To What Is Right was one of the first promos that I reviewed and loved last year. That album was a fantastical metallic hardcore record that I listened to a lot last year. Towards the end of the year I was totally wrapped up all of the releases that I had to go through, so me and Blind To What Is Right kinda had a falling out. I am now re-listening to the record and my mind is being blown all over again.

That is why it really sucks that The Carrier plan to end their career this March. In regards to why they have decided to break up, the band had this to say: “There are a lot of reasons that have led us to this decision, and it wasn’t an easy one. But ultimately, we all share a mutual feeling that we’re transitioning into different chapters in our lives—personally and musically.” I guess I can’t blame them for wanting to move on with their lives, but it still sucks, ya know? Well, this mournings playlist is for The Carrier. Farewell. Playlist commences after the jump.