Mein Reich Ist Dein Reich: CALIBAN Release New Song For Free Download

I like Caliban. I remember first hearing them on their first split with Heaven Shall Burn and thinking they were pretty sick. Of course, I was a huge Heaven Shall Burn fan and Caliban used to sound a lot like them. In the past few years the band has found a sound all their own, same genre but they have expanded and made their own way. The band is preparing to release their new album I Am Nemesis on February 3rd and are currently giving away a song off of the album for free. The track is called “Dein R3Ich” and it’s pretty damn good. Not bad at all. Check out the track below and download it here.

Dirty Black Magic: WIZARD’S BEARD Reveal Album Details

British psychedelic doomsludge band Wizard’s Beard, who released their debut album Pure Filth last year, are already working on their follow-up. When I say they are working on it, I mean that it comes out early next month. The new album, titled Four Tired Undertakers will be released on February 10th via Altsphere Productions and will be comprised of six tracks with a running time of fifty-three minutes.

I love this band and they were featured on my Summer Of Sludge compilation last year. I am seriously stoked that the world will soon be getting new Wizard’s Beard material. If you don’t already know the band, you can check out Pure Filth below. Thanks to The Sleeping Shaman for the tip!

Sexy Devil’s Blood

One of the most anticipated releases of 2012 for me is Metal Blade Records reissuing the sophmoric effort from Dutch occult heavy metal revivalists The Devil’s Blood entitled “The Thousandfold Epicentre”. Just the look, the feel, and the vibe of this band screams old school, from the epic riffage, to their vocalist who is covered in what appears to be blood in live shows, showcasing some smoky and soulful vocals.

It seems to be the case with Metal Blade to acquire some bands that have that old school NWOBHM vibe like Ghost, In Solitude, Portrait, etc. But for a label like that to be diverse and bring aboard bands like this is rather ballsy. The main fanbase of the label is too attached to more popular bands like As I Lay Dying, Cannibal Corpse, Job For A Cowboy, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Whitechapel. Some folks need to get over their close minded concerns and realize that there is more to a label than a popular band. Diversity should matter, especially for an occult heavy metal band as great as this. I am loving every second of what I hear and it’s just plain sexy!

Armijo Out


The End Is Nigh: NACHTMYSTIUM #BlackMetalSunday Playlist

Hello, faithful readers. Today probably won’t deal with much black metal other than this playlist. No, I’m not losing touch with the amazing genre, there just isn’t much news happening in the black metal community right now. It sucks, but that probably means that there will be nothing but black metal news in the second quarter of the year. Anyway, let’s just get to the playlist, eh? Who’s in the mood for some Nachtmystium?


IREPRESS Working On New Material!

Instrumental prog metal band, Irepress posted a photo on Twitter earlier today which looks as if the band is rehearsing. Later that day, the band comically confirmed that they are working on new stuff with a tweet reading: “Bitch we are writing”. This will be the first time we have heard new material from them since 2009’s epic Sol Eye Sea I. I eagerly await the next Irepress update. Until then, listen to the lead track from Sol Eye Sea I below.

-Lane Oliver