Come See The Rare Apis Bull At The EXOTIC ANIMAL PETTING ZOO

Metal Sucks have premiered the new track from Exotic Animal Petting Zoo’s upcoming album, Tongue of Trees. The track is called “Apis Bull” and it is pretty wacky. The band combines elements of mathcore, progressive rock/metal, and a hodgepodge of other genres to create a fun and interesting sound. Tongue of Trees will be released on April 12th. Check it out.

-Lane Oliver

Scum Enslaved: SOULFLY Offering Single For Free Download

Woah. What the fuck happened to Soulfly? What happened to the nu-metal band who did “Jumpdafuckup?” What is going on?! This doesn’t sound like the Soulfly I remember. I was never a Soulfly fan per say. I mean, everyone heard the band back in the day but this new shit is almost tolerable. I don’t really see myself listening to the new album Enslaved which will be released on March 13th via Roadrunner Records, but for a song that I went into thinking would blow balls, I’m surprised.

You can download the new track, titled “World Scum” from Soulfly‘s Facebook page if you dare. So that is that. Yeah.

The Shape Of What The Fuck: MASTODON Release Another Weird Music Video

I have been a fan of Mastodon‘s music videos over the years. It seems they are constantly releasing interesting videos for their songs. This has been true up until now. While their new video for the song “Dry Bone Valley,” which comes off of their latest release The Hunter, is interesting, it didn’t really catch me the way their past videos have. I loved the video for “Curl Of The Burl” when it was released and now there is this. The whole theme of The Hunter is slowly getting very played out because they are using the same tricks on everything they release from the album. I got love for the band, but it’s just not interesting anymore. Check out the video for “Dry Bone Valley” below.

Review: HAEMOTH “In Nomine Odium”

Where has this been all my life? Damn this is psychotic, refreshing, and almost painful in what it sets out to accomplish. French black metal duo Haemoth do that with their 3rd full length In Nomine Odium.

I’ve known France to be a great country when it comes to delivering black metal in wide varieties with bands like Alcest, Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord, etc. But this band who is named after its frontman sounds like a more raw and primal kind of black metal beast. This has a noisy, angry, and just plain primal presentation. From the way its produced and mixed, to the way the music is played. Continue reading

Album of The Week: EVERYTHING WENT BLACK’s “Cycles Of Light”

Wow. Those were the first words uttered by me when I was introduced to Everything Went Black. I came to love this band very, very quickly (my review of their debut record will be posted tomorrow) and I believe it deserves to be this weeks Album of The Week. Yeah, I know. The Album of The Week hasn’t been updated for a while. As it turns out, all of the staff wanted to do it, but no one did. So it just sat there. Fuck it. Everything Went Black. Cycles of Light. Get into it because you have to. Cycles Of Light is available now via Prosthetic Records.

Review: DESECRAVITY “Implicit Obedience”

You ever know the feeling of being surrounded by a swarm of hornets, wasps, and killer bees? Like you know they’re around but they are in the midst of attacking you and causing you fear and distress? That’s the kind of feeling you’ll have once you listen to the debut album from Tokyo, Japan based quintet Desecravity.

This band appeared out of nowhere to me, but thanks to a reputable label like Willowtip, I am able to be aware of this band and their debut album entitled Implicit Obedience. This bands sound is a very frenetic and almost explosive mixture of technical death metal, with some elements of grindcore and brutal death metal. If bands like Origin, Vile, Deeds Of Flesh, and Hate Eternal merged together to create an almost fearful but exciting kind of metal.   Continue reading

Get Pissed, Get Fucked: THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN Mourning Jam

Man, I don’t think I’ve talked about The Afternoon Gentlemen enough on this site. I fucking love this band. If you are unaware of who this band is, The Afternoon Gentlemen is one of the gnarliest, grittiest grind bands bursting from the UK right now. They recently released their Pissedography on Give Praise Records and it’s a fucking doozy. thirty-eight tracks of crushing grinditude. Get the fuck into it.