Review: EVERYTHING WENT BLACK – “Cycles Of Light”

Ever since I first heard the name Everything Went Black I knew this band was going to be important. They just have that edge to them. Before the release of their debut full-length Cycles Of Light I was already loving the band and their split with Rattletooth is still in heavy rotation around the American Aftermath HQ. There is just something about their brand of dark, crushing hardcore that I fucking love.

From the two minutes of misanthropy that open up the album with “XI,” you instantly get a taste of what the rest of the album has in store. Yes, just a taste. The slow, dark instrumentation is rolled over by a sample and together these things send you into a false sense of security. Sure, it may not sound aggressive, but just wait until the first actual track “Gods Of Atlantis” kicks in. Evil, pure evil infused into a dark hardcore shell. It is quite obvious that this band’s main influence lies with some of the originators of hardcore punk, hell their name is reference to the great Black Flag. There is more to this band than that, though. Sure, every track is a psalm of hardcore fury, but there is emotion in each track and I think it effects each track differently. I think that may be one of main factors of why I like this band, they recycle nothing, every track is unique and totally destructive.

Some tracks show the band experimenting more towards… Actually I’m not sure. Take “Amongst Wolves” for example. The intro to this track is a slow and crushing doomster. Of course, the hardcore take over is nigh. The same goes for “Kingdoms.” This track opens up with a tune that is very interesting because it has a very post-rock feel to it. The drumming is amazing and the riffing is mesmerizing.

Another deciding factor as to why this band is so spectacular is something I mentioned in my opening paragraph. This band has the edge. What is the edge? It’s a widget of strength and motivation that a lot of bands strive for but more often than not, fail to get. That is what sets Everything Went Black apart from other hardcore bands of this age. Sure, a lot of bands do it, but where is the heart? Where? Everything Went Black have heart. They have the masterful aggression and the unyielding determination. All hail, Everything Went Black is here to stay. Amazing work.

Rating: 10/10
For fans of: Doomriders, Bone Dance, Former Thieves
Favorite track: “Gods Of Atlantis”
Label: Prosthetic Records

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