Endless Cycle Of Bass: CEPHALIC CARNAGE Bassist Posts Goofy Bass Video

Nick Schendzielos bassist of Cephalic Carnage and Job For A Cowboy has uploaded a new bass video to his youtube account. This time we don’t get a Cephalic song or a lesson, but just some good ole fashion funky bass slappin’ goodness. Usually Schendzielos videos are pretty goofy, but this one is next level goofy. Hell, sometimes I think it may take him longer to come up with the idea for the video than the actual riff.

— Josh Huddleston

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Review: PSYCROPTIC “The Inherited Repression”

Well i’ve been listening to a lot of metal lately (more than I really should to be honest haha) but you can add this upcoming release to the mix. That being the fifth full length from Australian technical death metallers Psycroptic called The Inherited Repression set for release in North America on Febuary 7th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Now after hearing their 2008 effort Ob(Servant), I was pretty much mezmerized and amazed at how blisteringly fast and technical their sound was, harkening back to say early Cryptopsy or Spawn Of Possession. And it was an epic album at that. Now its been about 4 years since their last release, and I’m only wondering what would this quartet sound like now.

The results….well let me put it to you like this. It seems as if they have decided to tone it down just a little. First thing you’ll notice is that this is a rather short album in comparison to the previous album, 41 minutes to be exact. Another thing you’ll notice is that it seems to be less frenetic and a lot less maniacal. That doesn’t mean I don’t like it, because if Psycroptic are good at anything, they’re good at delivering musically. The guitar is pretty solid, and laden in heavy riffs throughout most of the album, played and performed very well, I can even hear some acoustic elements thrown in there. Bass is good too although this is a very guitar oriented album.

Another thing that this band done well is drumming. Insane drumming at that. Although this time around that insanity shows up in spurts, and is very well done. And vocally, i’m not too sure how to feel about it. Not so much low growls like last time out, heavy emphasis on hoarse hardcore type of vocals. I personally don’t feel that they fit the norm of this style of band.

So overall, how do I feel about it? I think its a solid album, but in a way its sort of step back. I appreciate them toning it down musically in order for them to grow as artists, but who knows? This may be some getting used to, cause I do enjoy this band. I wish they would stick with what makes them solid, preferrably sticking with technical death metal.

This is opinion, not fact. You are your own judge of this album.

Final score: 7 out of 10

Armijo Out.

Remembering Mahk Daniels: Scion Interviews EARLY GRAVES

Before we were a blog, the music scene suffered the tragic loss of Early Graves frontman Matikeef (Mahk) Daniels. On August 2nd, while traveling from Eugene, Oregon to San Fransisco, CA, Early Graves and The Funeral Pyre got into an accident that caused the van they were traveling in to roll several times. A sleeping Mahk was ejected from the vehicle and killed. I’m not sure what other injuries were sustained but I do know that Justin Garcia of The Funeral Pyre and Tyler Jensen of Early Graves had to be taken to a nearby hospital.

It’s always a bummer when things like this happen, but after a few years, Early Graves has picked up the pieces and have started to move on with Jon from The Funeral Pyre on vocals. The band has played a few shows here and there and will soon embark on their first two since the accident. At one of recent shows, the members of Early Graves sat down with Scion A/V and here is what happened –

I remember where I was when I first read this. I was also on tour and had just seen Early Graves about a month before in Dallas, TX. At this show I got a chance to chat with Mahk for a bit and even purchased a shirt from him. He was an extremely nice and humble dude.

R.I.P Matikeef (Mahk) Daniels

1982 – 2010

— Josh Huddleston

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Gimme All Yo Shit: DARKEST HOUR Has Been Robbed (again)

We have a bummer alert coming straight outta the Darkest Hour camp. According to a Facebook post from yesterday afternoon, The band is in Canada and they have been robbed. No word on what went down or what was stolen but I am sure something will surface soon enough. Unlike most bands, Darkest Hour hasn’t asked for a donation yet. They did, however, hint that buying their new tab book might help them out a bit though. So maybe you should go here and do that?

Oh and guess what.. This isn’t the first time Darkest Hour has been robbed in Canada… I remember the first time I went to see them back in ’03, they didn’t show up because a few days prior they had 12,000 dollars and most of their personal belongings stolen from them. It was a total bummer, but fuck it, I did get to see Atreyu, God Forbid, and Underoath, right? (LULZ)

— Josh Huddleston

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Bleed, Children Of Nothing: CANCER BATS Release New Music Video

I got my first taste of Cancer Bats way back in 2008 when I first saw their video for “Hail Destroyer.” Since then I have loved the bands work in all of it’s hardcore punk glory. I mean, Cancer Bats is an amazing band and their music has never gotten old, to me at least. When I first reported that the band was working on new material, I got stoked. When Lane posted about the new track, I almost shit myself. So obviously when the band finally released the video for “Old Blood,” I was into it. Seriously into it. You should be digging this shit as well, I mean, what’s not to love? It’s fucking Cancer Bats! Check out the video below, it rules. Dead Set On Living will be released on April 17th via Distort, Inc.

WTF Moment: Is That JON STEWART Pitting To The Dead Kennedy’s?

Late Friday afternoon, a photo surfaced of what appeared to be Jon Stewart of The Daily Show moshing at a Dead Kennedy’s and Front Line show in Richmond, Virginia in the early ’80s. All of this started when Irish photographer Willis Peele posted the above photo which he claimed was Stewart on his blog.

When I first saw this I was tripping out. The Daily Show is one of the only shows I watch on TV and Stewart just so happens to be my favorite TV personality. The very idea of Jon pitting it up at early punk and hardcore shows actually made my day. As I was looking to verify that the photo was of Stewart, it started to look more possible that this was him in that photo…. Continue reading after the jump….

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This Land Is Cursed: Open Your Eyes, Take In DREDD

Oh joy, I fucking love this band. Last night I decided to skim through Toxicbreed’s Funhouse just to get an idea for some new bands that I wasn’t already jamming to and the first band I saw was Grand Rapids, Michigan’s own Dredd. This band is a fucking beast and I want everyone to know it. I mean, shit. I’ve seen this band on Bandcamp a few times but I never listened to them for some weird reason. I always passed them up and now I feel like a right prick for doing so.

These dudes have their brand of hardcore locked down and it’s a vicious one. Not only is this band fast and radical, their actually have a lot of atmosphere to their music, it’s not just in-your-face, we-play-fast hardcore. These guys are musicians who actually know how to play their instruments and they do it well. A lot of slow, thundering parts that couple with fast, grinding Nails-like parts. This band is sick and they deserver all of the recognition in the world. Check out and download their album Cursed Earth below. Do it, you have to.

Review: OLD WOUNDS – “Self-Titled EP”

I’ve been a fan and a friend to New Jersey’s Old Wounds for a while now and just because I’m friends with them doesn’t make my opinion of their music biased. I keep my personal feelings out of my album reviews for the most part. That said, I have loved everything that Old Wounds has put out so far, so when vocalist Brandon Gallagher sent me the band’s latest slab of hardcore fury, I was more than excited. Furious metallic hardcore has become my favorite genre and a lot of that is due to Old Wounds never-ending perfection of the genre. [Continue…]

The Demo Reel: Exploring Six Killer Hardcore Demos

This is something new I am trying to do. I have a lot of demos bookmarked on my computer that I keep meaning to review, so I decided to briefly review a couple just for the hell of it. All of these demos are available to download for free and each time I do this I will try to stick to a specific genre. This time around, possibly my all time favorite genre, gnarly hardcore. Every band is aggressive, adrenaline-fueled and goddamn amazing. Hopefully I turn you on to something new and entertaining. Enjoy The Demo Reel. [Continue…]

Path To The West: ROYAL TALONS Mourning Jam

Good morning, folks. Today I have chosen one of Grindcore Karaoke’s latest releases for my mourning playlist. Over the past week I haven’t stopped listening to Royal Talons‘ GK self-titled debut. It’s an amazing sludge/doom record that you can all enjoy today. Check it out, download it for free.