Does Anyone Actually Care: Summer Slaughter Announces This Years Headliners

Summer Slaughter has begun to reveal bands that are slated to be on this years edition of the tour and it looks like Cannibal Corpse and Between The Buried and Me will be headlining. Now, If you have ‘liked’ the SS page on Facebook then you probably could have guessed that these two bands were going to be on the bill because at the beginning of the year, a status update was posted saying “Hammer Smashed Mordecai”.

As of now, my hopes for this years edition of SS are fairly low. Not that these bands are bad, but they aren’t great either. It’s more than likely that the rest of the line up will consist of mostly Summer Slaughter alumni and some deathcore bands. We won’t officially know the full line up for a few more weeks seeing as the tour promoters will be announcing one band per week on their Facebook page. Until then, let’s speculate in the comments for funz. Oh, by the way, someone oughta sue the touring agency for this shit because it definitely won’t be “the most extreme tour of the year”.

– Josh Huddleston

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2 comments on “Does Anyone Actually Care: Summer Slaughter Announces This Years Headliners

  1. Hahhaha you’re just being stupid. Music doesn’t need to be so serious, half of that post was negative. It’s going to be a fucking ton of fun. Besides BTBAM kill live and Cannibal Corpse is a great legacy act. I share your fear of deathcore bands being signed to the bill though.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if nonsense bands like Oceano, Winds of Plague and Suffokate play SS.
    The last time I saw CC was April 2010 and I’ve been wanting to see them again, but I will not pay for a SS ticket. New album = tour so I’ll be patient.

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