Casa De Zombie: VESTIGES Cover The Cranberries

Bands have been covering bands material for ages and in my time I have heard some strange covers. Many of the stranger ones are done poorly or they are just uninteresting. Well, post-blackened crust band Vestiges have completed work on a cover that I went into being very iffy. But believe me, once the track was done, my mind was fucked.

Vestiges have covered The Cranberries‘ classic track “Zombie” for an upcoming compilation of cover songs by Casa De Diversion, who have put out some killer compilations in the past. Vestiges take the classic track and completely revamp it to make it fit their style. The track is slow and mesmerizing while being mournful and wicked at the same time. Definitely one of my favorite covers I have heard in a while. Good shit. Check out the cover below and check out more here. One of the other covers is a spectacular rendition of Nirvana‘s “Dive” by the great Caulfield. Get into it. The complete compilation will be available on Friday.

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2 thoughts on “Casa De Zombie: VESTIGES Cover The Cranberries”

  1. Interesting. In the original, the band really seemed to want to rock the fuck out, but it just never quite worked with their singer sounding all Sinead O’Connorish over top of it. Always thought somebody should cover this.

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