Holy shit. When I caught wind of the Captain Three Leg/Cop Bar split record, I was not expecting to hear one of the most amazing splits I’ve heard in recent memory. This is a killer slice of grind that should be heard and enjoyed by all. Read on to check out my review of the split as well as a full stream to enjoy and download while you read. Get fucked, pilgrim.

Captain Three Leg starts this split off the right way. Killer, aggressive and sludgy grind with an attitude. Actually, this side kicks off with a rather humorous intro but when the filth comes in, it comes in heavy. The longer, slower tracks like “Crippled Checkbook” and “Orson” are more sludgy powerviolence than the faster, pissed off tracks like “Be a Man” and the Barbarossas Rhabarber Barbaren cover. Every track on this side of the split is amazing, destructive and it’s something that you can only get from Captain Three Leg.

Much like Captain Three Leg’s side, Cop Bar start off their side of the split with another humorous intro. After the into, the brutality immediately comes in. The first song (“I Was Curious Who Would Fix The Sewers After Society Collapsed, So I Voted For Ron Paul”) took me longer to say aloud than it did for me to listen to the song. That is a quality about grind that I love. All of Cop Bar’s material on this side of the spit absolutely destroys. Everything is gnarly and unforgiving and, in crude terms, a total face-fucker.

At the end of the split is an interesting piece of grind. After a third intro, the two bands proceed to play everything at the same time. Yeah, I said it. It’s fucking grind time when you heard a wall of in-your-face noise and grind. Get destroyed, if you pass on this split, you will seriously regret it. Get into this shit. Captain Three Leg and Cop Bar, I salute you.

Label: Mortville Noise/Grindcore Karaoke
Rating: 10/10
For fans of: Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Open Wound, Grindviolence
Favorite tracks: “Familiarity Breeds Contempt”, “No Sense of History”

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