Break Those Bones With Boredom: MESHUGGAH Releases Music Video For “Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion”


Start jerkin off “prog” fans cause the almighty Meshuggah has released a video for the song “Break The Bones Whose Sinews Gave it Motion” off of their latest release Koloss.

While every other blog is on Meshuggah‘s jock with release of Koloss, this blogger has a little different opinion of the band, their new album, and specifically their new music video. I am actually flabbergasted that they managed to make a music video more boring than the actual song. Looks like the forefathers of the “Djent” movement has done it again! #MEH-Suggah


— Josh Huddleston

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Inoculated With Hate: HATRED SURGE Upload A Grindin’ New Track

Oh shit, it’s time to get on yo grind and listen to this new Hatred Surge track. The song is titled “Inoculation”, and boy, is it a fuckin’ ripper. The new cut will be featured on the band’s upcoming release which I’m guessing is titled “Human Overdose” based on the title on their Bandcamp. Not much info is out there on the album other than that it’s slated for a late 2012 release via Iron Lung Records.

I’ll be honest and say that I was a little bummed when Faiza left the band even though I am a fan of their new vocalist Rahi‘s work in Insect Warfare. Now I feel dumb for even thinking they’d miss a (blast) beat….

— Josh Huddleston

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They’re still around??: NOFX Enters Studio To Record New Album



Going throwback on this one. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve been a fan of punk music since before I was a teenager. So It should be of no surprised that I was stoked to see the tweet above. It’s official, Fat Mike has announced that NOFX will be entering the studio soon to record fourteen new songs that will sound just like all their older songs!

I know some of our elitist pretentious fuck face readers will argue that NOFX isn’t punk, well let me just say, I have never seen anything as punk as Fat Mike‘s performance as Cokie The Clown a few years back at SXSW. Watch this, seriously, it’ll change your life and make your day —–


— Josh Huddleston

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To Fear The Sun God: DAWNBRINGER Release Album Artwork

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American metal unit Dawnbringer are preparing to release their fifth studio album on May 29th via Profound Lore Records and they have released the album artwork for this album, titled Into The Lair Of The Sun God. The artwork was done by Christina Casperson and it looks amazing. The original image I found for the artwork was rather small, but Christina posted it on Dawnbringer‘s Facebook page so I just did a little tweaking and now we have a large image! Check out the artwork above and stream Dawnbringer‘s last offering, Nucleus below.

Shred Alert: EMG Spotlights Luke Jaeger of SLEEP TERROR


How many of you remember Sleep Terror?  Now, how many of you knew that Sleep Terror is putting out new material?? Pretty awesome, right? Well the good people over at EMG recently did a spotlight on the relatively unknown guitarist, Luke Jaeger, of Sleep Terror. I for one think it’s pretty rad that they are showcasing some young artist, but I think it’s even cooler that they are doing it with dudes who play “extreme music”.

The video above features Jaeger shredding the fuck out of his 8 string guitar. Don’t worry, there’s no Djent here, just the new Sleep Terror track titled “Bruxist“. Peep it


— Josh Huddleston

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The Last Supper: MUNICIPAL WASTE Release New Music Video

crossover thrashers Municipal Waste, who will be releasing their new album The Fatal Feast on April 10th via Nuclear Blast Records, have released a music video for the title track off of said album. this is a pretty gnarly video which features space travel, live thrashing and the band devouring the guts of a security guard-looking dude. Check out the video below.

I Know Where He Is: JESUS AIN’T IN POLAND Release New Track

I don’t know why the hell I never listened to a band called Jesus Ain’t In Poland until today, but I fucking wish I had. This Italian grind outfit is a punishing ball of destruction and I am fucking hooked. What am I hooked on? The band’s recently released track “Degeneration Healers.” This track comes from Freiheit Macht Frei which was released recently on Grindpromotion Records. The track fucking owns. You’ll love it and want so, so much more.


Cattle Decapitation have released some studio footage from their upcoming album,  Monolith of Inhumanity, which will be released on May 8th. This will be the first of three installments of behind the scenes footage. This installment primarily focuses on Dave McGraw’s drum tracking. Check it out.

-Lane Oliver

BADBADNOTGOOD To Release New Album Next Month!

The ever jazztastic BadBadNotGood will be releasing their second full length, BBNG2, on April 3rd. That’s just a few days away! I know you are just itching to get your hands on it. Watch the promo video below and listen to their cover of J. Dilla’s “Fall in Love”.

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Fall With Me: SAINT VITUS Streaming New Track

Legendary doom-sayers Saint Vitus are currently streaming a new track called “Let Them Fall” on Season Of Mist’s Facebook page and, holy shit. It’s beautiful. I absolutely love this band and I am seriously anticipating their forthcoming Lillie: F-65 which is due out on April 27th. This new track is the second released track from the album, the first being “Blessed Night,” which is available on iTunes here. This album is sure to be a destructive, classical doom masterpiece. Go check out the new track and then come back here to talk about it in the comments section.

Involuntary Convulsions: JUNGLE JUICE Reveal Album Artwork

Mi amigos from my homestate Jungle Juice have released the album artwork for their upcoming release Involuntary Convulsions. I love this artwork because it’s simple. It’s simple in the way that Kill The Client‘s Cleptocracy was simple (see here) you know? Just black and white, not a shit-ton of detail and just by looking at it, you know it’s gonna be fucking heavy. Check out the artwork above and stream Bastard Sessions below.

Exclusive Premiere: HIROSHIMA VACATION’s “Overachiever”

The dudes in Hiroshima Vacation are fucking destructive. Their vicious grindviolence has pleased my ears ever since Andrew over at Operation Grindcore introduced me to them. Vii Caso, one of the two brothers that make up Hiroshima Vacation, writes for Operation Grindcore now and he and I have had a few conversations over the last few weeks. Hell, the dude even did guest vocals on one of my band’s tracks. He’s a killer dude and I am stoked that I have been given the opportunity to premiere a new track from the band!

This new track comes off of Hiroshima Vacation‘s upcoming split with Standing On A Floor Of Bodies (the band formed by Mike Stitches of Thousandswilldie) and it’s a fucking beast. Fifty-eight seconds of in-your-face brutality. A release date for the track has yet to be established, but Vii did tell me that it will be released on cassette through Sweet Stash Records. Check out “Overachiever” below and bang your fucking head.

Feed The Flames: WOLFBRIGADE Streaming New Track

For the love of Discharge, this morning has been amazing already. I interviewed a homie, reviewed a killer album and now I’m listening to a new Wolfbrigade courtesy of Blow The Scene. This new track fucking crushes. I posted about the last track that Wolfbrigade released and loved it and now “Feed The Flames” completely tops that. Stream the new track below and check out the feature over at Blow The Scene.

Wolfbrigade will release their new album Damned on this year on Southern Lord Recordings. Are you all stoked for this new album? I know I am. Wolfbrigade are fucking destroyers. Looking forward to it.

Review: THE LOVE BELOW – “Every Tongue Shall Caress”

As a longtime fan of The Love Below, I knew that when I finally got my hands on their new album Every Tongue Shall Caress that my mind would be blown from the get go. Fuck yes, I was absolutely right. Kicking the albums off is the ungodly anthem “High Friends In Low Places,” which is a fast, aggressive and mind-numbing forty-four second bastard. ”High Friends…” is followed up quickly by “Family Entertainment” which is a bass-driven, blistering track.  I love The Love Below’s strange take on hardcore. I mean, there really isn’t another band that sounds like them and I fucking love that fact. [Continue…]