THE MELVINS Are Doomed: New Track Available

The Melvins have released another new track from their upcoming Scion A/V release, The Bulls & the Bees, which will be released on the 13th. The track is called “We Are Doomed” and it will grab you by the scrotum and crush you in its grip, in a good way of course. Head over to Revolver to check it out.

-Lane Oliver


KEN MODE Demoing More New Material

I remember reading awhile back that KEN Mode was working on two new songs. Recently the band revealed on Facebook that the band has definitely been demoing new material and revealed some possible song titles. This is what the band had to say:

“Did vocals for a few demos tonight. Working titles include “The Terror Pulse“, “Secret Vasectomy“, “Romeo Must Never Know” and “Why Don’t You Just Quit?” cb audio described the lyrics as a dark comedy.”

-Lane Oliver

Stream A New Track From SEAS WILL RISE

Seas Will Rise is a relatively new hardcore band featuring ex Landmine Marathon guitarist, Eric Saylor. Their debut full length, Disease Is Our Refrain, will be released on March 6th. Decibel Magazine is currently hosting an exclusive stream of the first single from the album, “Wash Out and Rust”. It’s quite the grimy gut puncher! Go check it out!

-Lane Oliver

New GWAR Material In The Works

Gwar are currently working on new material for their next full length effort. The band took to  Facebook to reveal the details:

“Like any band worth it’s salt, GWAR is constantly working on new songs. What’s different now is that the band has it’s own in-house recording studio/jam space, so everything they do is tracked. There is no release date, no gory details but rest assured of one thing…GWAR is working on a new album, and it will be a tribute to their lost Scumdog brother, Flattus Maximus!”

-Lane Oliver

DEATH GRIPS Are Lost Boys: Live Practice Footage Available

Death Grips recently uploaded a video of the band practicing a new song entitled “Lost Boys”. All you really see are Zach Hill’s legs but what you hear is more important. The song sounds like quite the noisy affair, which is nothing new for Death Grips. The song will be featured on their upcoming album, The Money Store, which will be released on April 24th via Epic. Check it out below.

-Lane Oliver

Stream VAURA’s Debut LP

Vaura (Kayo Dot/Dysrhythmia/etc.) is streaming their debut album, Selenelion, over at Brooklyn Vegan. If you like post-punk mixed with a little post-rock, shoegaze, and garnished with some black metal tinges then you should enjoy this album. Head over to Brooklyn Vegan to stream the album and read an interview with Josh Strawn and Keven Hufnagel.

-Lane Oliver

Cloaca Maxima: MUTILATION RITES Streaming New Track On CVLT Nation

I was introduced to Mutilation Rites upon their split release with fellow Brooklynites Batillus. After hearing that, I was so impressed that I listened to the formers demo and loved it also. I posted about this bands signing to Prosthetic Records not too long ago so I have been looking forward to hearing a new record from them. Little did I know that Mutilation Rites was getting ready to released a new 12″ on Gilead Media (who has put out albums from Ash Borer, False and Barghest). The new album is titled I Am Legion.

Right now the good people over at CVLT Nation are streaming a new track called “Cloaca Maxima.” Do you really need to know anything else? Nope. So head on over and stream this bitch.

Thanks, But No Thanks: New GREBER Track Is New… Also It’s Amazing

I don’t know what you would classify Greber as. I really don’t. One thing I do know is that the band fucking rules. If you know Greber then you know how they sound, pissed off and loud. If you don’t know Greber, you really need to get into them. Now is a great time to get into these dudes because… Yep! You guessed it! They have released a new track titled “No Thanks.” This was reported by Vii over at Operation Grindcore and I am so glad I caught it. Check out the track below and be sure to check out more of Greber‘s jams.

Weaponhawk: CONAN Streaming New Track

When I think of the name “Conan”, my brain always draws this image of Ahhnold being all brooding and destructive. Sure, he didn’t come across as the brightest guy, but he was powerful and heavy-handed. I think these qualities suit England’s doom triforce Conan. You know, all except for the “not being the brightest” statement. I think these dudes are very intelligent and extremely capable musicians.

I am fairly new to the band, which formed in 2006. This morning was actually the first taste of the band’s personal brand of doom and I am loving it. Their new song “Hawk As Weapon” is a six minute slab of crushing death. The track comes off of Conan‘s forthcoming album Monnos which will be released on April 2nd via Burning World Records. You can check out the track below (streaming via Brooklyn Vegan) and see the artwork for Monnos at the top of this post. Check it out and get into it. These dudes fucking destroy.