Brooklyn Vegan is currently hosting an exclusive stream of Primitive Weapons’ debut full length. I suggest you all go check this out because it will probably grab you by your worthless scrotum and rip it to shreds, but in a good way. It will be officially released on the 13th. Check it out.

-Lane Oliver

Man Vs. Machine: Ten Questions With AUTHOR & PUNISHER + Song Premiere

When I first heard of Tristan Shone’s droning doom dub project Author & Punisher I was immediately blown away. The insane industrialized sound of Godflesh slowed and crushed into something new and something powerful. Not only is this drone act a great listen, but all of the instrumentation that you hear are actually machines created by Tristan himself. I recently caught up with Tristan and asked him a few questions. Check out the interview after the jump as well as an exclusive stream of Author & Punisher‘s new track “Flesh Ants!” [Continue…]

This Is The 1%: WAGESLAVE Release New Pre-Production Tracks

I have briefly talked about the grind outfit Wageslave before. This band is amazing and even if I couldn’t win over the Metal Injection Livecast, I think I may be able to win you folks over with a taste of new Wageslave music. The band is prepping to release a new album titled Career Suicide and have recently posted two new, pre-production tracks on their Bandcamp as a sample promo. Both of these tracks are fucking wicked and right now you should stop your bullshitting and jam out. Enjoy.

Hit Like A Girl: RIBOZYME Post New Music Video

Norway has a pretty epic rock and metal presence outside of just black metal. I mean, Turbonegro, Wolves Like Us and now I’m jamming out to this band Ribozyme. I had never heard of these guys before receiving a promo of their new album Presenting The Problem. It’s really a fantastic heavy rock album with influence from Alice In Chains and the like. Ribozyme recently released a new music video for the title track off of their new album.

The video doesn’t feature the band but it does feature a very attractive woman who strives to be a boxer. At the end of the video… Yeah! She becomes a boxer! Nice video for a great track. Check it out below.

Get Spat Upon: SISTER Release New Music Video

I loved the debut album by Swedish band Sister. The album landed the number 12 spot on my Top 22 Albums of 2011 and I still listen to it religiously. I was very pleased with Sister‘s last video and I wish I could say the same for this video. Unfortunately I am just not digging it. I’ve pretty much had enough of boring live-footage music videos, so this just falls short for me. You can check out the video for yourself below and leave a comment with your thoughts.

Unleashing The Xenocryst: Thoughts On The New ALLEGAEON Track

This song has been out for a couple of weeks, and I’m pretty foolish for not even giving the benefit of a mention. Well here it is. Colorado based modern metallers Allegaeon have unveiled a new song from their forthcoming sophmoric effort for Metal Blade Records entitled Formshifter.

You can tell this is business as usual by the song title “Tartessos: The Hidden Xenocryst”. So damn manly. But musically, it seems as if everyone has stepped their game up from their acclaimed debut Fragments Of Form And Function. The dual guitar weilding of Ryan and Greg is pretty much monumental, with amazing riffs and immaculate solo work. Corey’s bass is solid, new drummer JP impresses with some awesome and solid pacing. And frontman Ezra sounds more motivated than ever with his growls and screams.

Their debut in 2010 was marked #5 in my top 10 list of that year. Here’s to hoping that in 2012 with Formshifter, they can hit that spot, or perhaps climb higher than that.

Armijo Out

Splitting Limbs Texas Style: 5 Way Split From Ossuary Industries

Something pretty damn giddy to be excited about here. Texas based record label Ossuary Industries has released the second part of its Limb Splitter series by including 5 different bands with a touch of death metal laced in there somewhere throughout 18 tracks.

It would be hard to describe every single song in detail, but in a few short paragraphs, i’ll describe the songs from each band as a whole.

Ingurgitate– in their 4 tracks, they display their raw blending of traditional death metal, with some of the true Texas style of death metal. Guttural vocals, some wicked drumming from The Dobber, and some meaningful riffing blend together nicely here.

Hod– easy way to describe this band:  FUCKIN METAL! Or if you wanna be all fancy about it, blackened death metal, with no gloss, no pomp and circumstance, and no gimmickry. True and as real as it gets. 3 songs showcase the renegade style they’ve always known how to do with awesome guitar work, fast drum blasting, and Vladibeer spurting out some rather evil vocals. Sort of giving you an idea of when the next full length from these San Antonio based heathens will come.

Iniquitous– well here’s a supergroup for you. Featuring current and former members of esteemed metal bands such as Solstice, Sarcolytic, and Suffocation, they only have 3 tracks to work with, and they deliver a quite punishing amount of death metal for the masses. Wicked vocals, some rather catchy guitar work, and some awesome drumming from Mike Smith best sum up this collective.

Locusta– pretty much the only non Texas band to appear on this split, but the 4 tracks they bring are just monumentally earth shaking. Their blend of death metal, black metal, and progressive work splendidly well, and it also doesn’t hurt that they have a Death cover on here, Human‘s “See Through Dreams”, it rules.

Demoniacal Genuflection– to be honest its basically 3/5ths of Ingurgitate, but its not a bad thing, trust me. Its still death metal, but a little bit more wickedly paced, and darker. Punishing riffs, disgusting vocals, and Dobber steadying the pace with his awesome drumwork.

But if you want one of 2012’s most punishing split releases, make your effort to give Limb Splitter II your undivided attention.

Armijo Out